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In Safe Hands

on Jan 11, 2017

Events security is a mix of manual intervention and technology based solutions.
Events security is a mix of manual intervention and technology based solutions.

Sunil Saxena deputy MD at G4S UAE sheds light on the importance planning and managing security for major entertainment events.

One thing that I have learnt in my career is that you never get a second chance to create a first impression and in the business of security, there are no second chances.

The better the security team is, the more invisible they are. When things are running so smoothly that you don’t even notice the people behind the scenes or the hard work being done to hold it all together, that’s when you know that you’re running an excellent event.

Successful events don’t happen by chance. It takes a lot of meticulous planning, foresight and experience at all levels. While lights, sound and entertainment are the main factors most events are judged by, every function is an essential contributor to the end result.

In fact, security for one, is the most passively active functions and any shortcoming could mean a bitter guest experience to life threating hazards.

Contrary to popular perception, event security is much more than just uniformed guards at the entrance and the process involves a series of assessments.

Security planning for any live music event or concert begins from the time it is announced. The factors considered include the profile of the artist or act, which determines the crowd dynamics – one of the most critical components of the security design and plan. This part takes place a minimum of four weeks prior to the event along with a complete risk assessment of the venue.

G4S along with the venue operations team and the authorities run a thorough analysis of things like:

  • The crowd capacity of the event;
  • Start and end time;
  • Age limit and probable visitor age profile;
  • Valuable / cash handling at the event;
  • Artist profile which determines the crowd profile and age; and
  • Fire and safety

These elements build the base for a detailed security plan and a detailed site survey to:

  • Identify the key entrances, exits, and other focal and stress points to create a spot plan;
  • Establish the workforce and the category of security personnel and safety required; and
  • Prepare a security plan and submit to the organiser and authorities to get their approval.


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