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MBC Group launches new studios in Dubai

by Digital Studio Middle East Staff on Mar 8, 2017

MBC Group is set to boost its local production after launching its new television studios in Dubai Studio City.

MBC confirmed that its new studios in Dubai Studio City are open for production and broadcast of a wide range of currently popular programmes and new shows set to air on the group’s network and online media portals.

One of the most technologically advanced additions to MBC’s new studios is the ‘Social Tower’, which aims to keep the broadcaster fully up-to-date in real time with social media. It also allows for viewers to connect and interact directly during broadcasts.


The first shows to be produced from these brand new studios during phase one include ‘Sabah Alkhair Ya Arab’ with Badr Zydan, Ghada Mousilli, Hani Al-Hamed and Sarah Mourad, as well as ‘Akhbar Altase’a’ (9 O’clock News Bulletin) with Suhair al-Qaisi, Hamoud Al Fayez and Ola Al Fares. Also broadcasting from the new studios will be ‘Sada Al-Mala’eb’ with Mustafa Al-Agha, ‘MBC Fi Isbo’o’ (MBC In A Week) with Suha Nuylaty and Ali Al-Ghufaily, ‘Badriyah’ with Badriyah Al-Bishr, ‘Bil-Mokhtasar’ presented by Yasser Al-Amro, and ‘Ma Lam Tarra’ with Ibrahim Al-Farhan. More programmes are expected to be added later on in the year.

Commenting on the launch, Dr. Amina Al Rustamani, CEO of TECOM Group, said that Dubai Studio City is the ideal hub and business environment to support companies operating in the fields of film, television and music production and broadcasting in the Middle East. “It is Dubai’s leading centre for the creation and production of premium media content, offering the latest in advanced industry technology of the best international standards.”

She added that MBC Group “is always one step ahead” in terms of investing in the right locations and equipment.

Ali Jaber, group TV director of MBC Group, said: “The presence of MBC today in Dubai Studio City started with the launch of our partnership with O3 Productions in 2013 for the production and distribution of drama and film content. Following that, our studios were soon equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology that puts us on par with the world’s top studios.

“Our goal is to strengthen our offerings on our various channels and platforms, offering a value-added media experience. This can only contribute towards enhancing the quality of daytime programming submitted to MBC’s channels, driving it to become on par with our primetime evening content, including those of our international branded entertainment shows that have been adapted into Arabic.”

The 7 MBC1 shows that will be broadcast from MBC Group’s new state-of-the-art studios in Dubai Studio City

• ‘Sabah Alkhair Ya Arab’
Translating into ‘Good Morning, Arab World’, this family breakfast show – now with a new look and hosted by Hani Al-Hamed, Ghada Mousilli, Badr Zydan and Sarah Mourad – comprises a variety of features that touch upon everything from education and the arts, to sports and technology.

• ‘Akhbar Altase’a’ (9 O’clock News Bulletin)
Commonly known as the ‘9 O’clock News’, this daily bulletin will present the day’s headlines, along with an in-depth segment on Saudi news. With Suhair al-Qaisi, Hamoud Al Fayez and Ola Al Fares.

• ‘Sada Al-Mala’eb’
Sports journalist Mustafa Al-Agha and his show ‘Sada Al-Malaeb’ need no introduction. This immensely popular show focuses on Saudi football league results and hosts stars from the world of sport and entertainment.

• ‘MBC Fi Isbo’o’ (MBC In A Week)
With Suha Nuylaty and Ali Al-Ghufaily, ‘MBC Fi Isbo’o’ recalls the major events of the week gone, especially those highlighted on social media that occurred on the streets of Saudi Arabia, as well as the rest of the GCC and Arab world.

• ‘Badriyah’
In this current affairs programme, Saudi writer and novelist Badriyah Al-Bishr discusses a variety of issues every episode, particularly those affecting Saudi families. Each topic will be further explored using detailed research and analysis, as well as public opinion that explains different viewpoints and approaches.

• ‘Bil-Mokhtasar’
Broadcast live daily, Yasser Al-Amro invites Arab personalities who are considered pioneers in their field for a friendly chat about their personal lives and what makes them tick.

• ‘Ma Lam Tarra’
Fronted by Ibrahim Al-Farhan, ‘Ma Lam Tarra’ investigates social issues by uncovering hidden facts and events that may have not been available or apparent to begin with. It demonstrates how the absence of information can influence an incident.

• MBC3 in Dubai Studio City – Revamped programmes thanks to advanced technology:
Aimed at children, MBC3 will broadcast a number of revamped and updated productions from its new home in Dubai Studio City. The studios have been designed to incorporate high-quality digital production methods, as well as modern systems to facilitate and enhance the broadcast experience. With content suitable for the whole family, viewers can expect updated shows, including ‘Tasaly’, ‘Khatawat Na’aema’ and brand new entertainment content for in-between shows.



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