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GatesAir prepares for ATSC 3.0 future

by Digital Studio Middle East Staff on Apr 18, 2017

Rich Redmond, chief product officer, ATSC 3.0.
Rich Redmond, chief product officer, ATSC 3.0.

GatesAir will bring a new customer-focused program to support ATSC 3.0 transitions to NAB next week.

The GatesAir ATSC 3.0 Guarantee program builds on the company’s role in the standards development process, and its proven field experience as the only supplier to power all over-the-air trials in North America and multiple commercial deliveries to date, which includes South Korea and WRAL-DT in Raleigh, North Carolina.

GatesAir’s latest Maxiva UHF and VHF transmitters, to be unveiled at the 2017 NAB Show—and its Maxiva XTE exciter introduced in 2016—fortify the program on the technology side, and differentiate GatesAir from competitors across power level parity, native IP connectivity, modular power upgrades, and software-defined modulation that offers a seamless path to ATSC 3.0. Specific examples of GatesAir’s technology innovations to support ATSC 3.0 migration includes matching power levels for ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 standards, eliminating the need for transmitter replacements; and integrated IP inputs in its XTE exciter to support ATSC 3.0’s native IP connectivity.

In addition to products, the program covers a validated ecosystem of key technologies from partnering suppliers that create a complete ATSC 3.0 delivery system. This interoperability with companies such as Dielectric, Enensys and Triveni Digital will ensure a clean transition and trouble-free operation for broadcasters in what will likely be the biggest change to the broadcaster’s RF infrastructure in decades.

“With the US spectrum repack underway, broadcasters will soon upgrade transmission systems to support channel changes—and many have ATSC 3.0 in their minds as a long-term business vision,” said Rich Redmond, Chief Product Officer, GatesAir. “As the ATSC 3.0 standards development accelerates toward adoption, the FCC has moved forward with rulemaking to support station groups that are prepared to launch next-generation services. Our ATSC 3.0 Guarantee protects broadcasters faced with this demanding convergence of activities, and provides a comprehensive program of services to simplify their transitions.”

GatesAir will further exhibit its ATSC 3.0 leadership at the 2017 NAB Show through a series of panels, presentations and demonstrations. GatesAir thought leaders involved in panels and presentations include:

•             Martyn Horspool, TV Transmission Product Manager, Transmission Site Planning for ATSC 3.0: This presentation takes place Sunday, April 23 from 9:30-10am in Room N260

•             Joseph Seccia, Manager of TV Transmission Strategy, Planning for TV Spectrum Repacking and the Transition to ATSC 3.0: This presentation takes place Sunday, April 23 from 10:30-11am in Room N260

•             Joseph Seccia, Manager of TV Transmission Strategy, Getting ATSC 3.0 On-Air in Korea: This presentation takes place Sunday, April 23 from 4:30-5pm in Room N260

•             Jay Adrick, GatesAir Broadcast Consultant, ATSC 3.0 Advanced Emergency Alerting: This presentation takes place Tuesday, April 25 from 11-11:30am in Room N256

•             Rich Redmond, Chief Product Officer, DTV: The Next Generation: This presentation takes place Tuesday, April 25 from 11:30am-12:30pm in Room N256

•             Rich Redmond, Chief Product Officer, ATSC 3.0, Repack for TV and FM. This IABM TV Roundtable Discussion takes place Wednesday, April 26 from 3:30-4pm in Room S215LMR

Additionally, GatesAir will take part in a live ATSC 3.0 demonstration with NAB from the Grand Lobby in the Las Vegas Convention Center throughout the show. GatesAir will supply its Maxiva UAXTE-100 transmitter (with an integrated XTE exciter) to power the transmission for broadcaster KLSV-DT in Las Vegas. Working with trusted ATSC 3.0 ecosystem partners Triveni Digital, Enensys Technologies, LG Electronics and its US subsidiary Zenith to complete the air chain, the UAXTE-100 will drive KLSV’s existing transmitter and provide real-time adaptive pre-correction to optimize the broadcast signal originating from KLSV’s facility on Black Mountain in Henderson, Nevada.


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