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UAE's Icflix plans to open an office in Canada

by Digital Studio Middle East Staff on Sep 3, 2017

Carlos Tibi, CEO, Icflix
Carlos Tibi, CEO, Icflix

Icflix is planning to open an office in Canada in the next three to six months as it seeks to capitalise on a growing base of Arab expat subscribers in the country.

The move comes as Icflix is producing an increasing volume of Arabic films and series catering to Arabs from countries across the MENA region. The company also acquires Arabic content, giving it a library of content that is attractive to Arab expats outside the region.

“We are targeting to open up and have a physical presence in Canada where we believe there is a huge potential market for the Arab expat community, and especially as we have diverse Arabic content that we carry on our platform whether it be the, from all over, which appeals to the Arab expats living in Canada,” the company's CEO, Carlos Tibi, told Digital Studio.

Tibi added that when it acquires Arabic content, it usually acquires global rights. The acquired content, combined with its own productions, offer an attractive package for Arab expats, Tibi said.

Canada presents in an interesting market for Icflix because it has a large number of Arab expats.

Tibi adds that Icflix is seeing similar growth in other countries and regions, including France, Germany and Belgium. “We are gaining subscribers internationally in Netflix’s backyard without even marketing it. People hear through word of mouth and through social media,” Tibi said.


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