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Quality control for OTT

by Adrian Pennington on Sep 30, 2017

Adding UHD to the mix

Added to this complexity is the increasing amount of 4K UHD content being put through the chain, with requirements to ensure compliance with enhanced colour and dynamic range attributes.

New software for Leader Instruments’ LV5490 waveform monitor is claimed to be the world’s first “direct-digital 4K noise measurement processor”. The LV5490 module measures noise in luminance or RGB component chroma channels.

“Camera noise measurement is a complicated and long-winded operation requiring digital to analogue conversion of signals that could also introduce noise to the signal,” explains Leader’s European regional development manager, Kevin Salvidge. “Now, camera owners can simply connect the SDI output of their camera directly into the LV5490 and measure the noise levels.”

The LV5490 4K is the company’s flagship waveform monitor, which can be twinned with the LV7390 4K rasteriser to reap the full benefits of cameras operating in UHD and HDR. The LV7390 can be used to measure up to four 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, or SD-SDI sources simultaneously. An HDR option for the LV5490 also enables this instrument to measure both 4K and HD HDR in ITU.BT.2100 Hybrid Log Gamma, Dolby PQ, and Sony SLOG-3 protocols.

The Ultra XR is Omnitek’s UHD waveform rasterizer that addresses HDR and wide colour gamut compliance requirements at frame rates up to 60Hz in an SDI data stream. In addition to the high resolution waveform monitor, traditional instruments such as vectorscope are included. Although this tool provides a level of usefulness in 4K UHD applications, additional instruments (such as a BT.2020 colour space waveform display, histogram, and CIE gamut charts) are provided to ensure that the image meets the UHD BT.2020 colour requirements.

Blackmagic Design’s SmartScope Duo 4K model features displays for waveform, vectorscope, RGB and YUV, histogram, audio phase, and level scopes. It is possible to monitor video on one LCD while running a scope such as waveform, histogram, or audio on the other screen – a userful combination that enables the video being monitored to be viewed alongside a real-time scope measurement, all on the same device.

Phabrix is also majoring in 4K/UHD and HDR in its most recent tools. Its Qx 12G is offered as a single device for “essential product development, infrastructure compliance testing, and 4K/UHD content monitoring”, using a hybrid of IP and SDI video formats.

A recent official convert to AIMS, PHABRIX says the unit will support TR03, AES67, and PTP (ST 2059-2), as defined in the draft SMPTE 2110 specification, in upcoming software releases.

“Qx 12G offers the fastest 12G-SDI physical layer testing, with its real-time Eye technology instantly highlighting any SMPTE compliance issues, including eye under/overshoot,” explains Phabrix’s managing director, Phillip Adams. “Advanced 12G/6G-SDI physical layer tools include Jitter waveform, Jitter insertion and FFT analysis, and pathological test patterns. Built-in automation control allows testing to be performed faster, more reliably, and at lower cost.”

For HDR and wide colour gamut applications, Qx 12G provides new generator patterns plus a CIE 1931 X Y chart with Rec.709 and BT.2020 overlays for measuring chromaticity. There’s also a programmable HDR heat-map to highlight luminance zones of a signal, as well as HDR vectorscope and waveform tools. All these HDR instruments support the Dolby PQ standard. Future software releases will support the HLG and SLOG3 HDR standards.


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