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Quality control for OTT

by Adrian Pennington on Sep 30, 2017

“AQC will save a lot of manual effort and actually do a better job in checking all the technical parameters of the different versions,” says Thomas Dove, director of technology, QC products for Telestream. “With the correct workflow, in many cases manual QC need only be done on a master file and output files may not require any manual QC at all.”

“Efficient QC requires consistency,” stresses Ian Valentine, director business development, video test, at Tektronix. “This becomes especially important as the reliance on automation increases. We have found that measurements and checks made during acquisition and post production ultimately propagate throughout the whole workflow.”

Beyond QC, Interra Systems talks about QA (quality assurance). The latest version of its Baton solution enhances AQC by allowing users to add manual (eyeball) checks. With this hybrid approach, operators can detect certain issues, such as lip sync, which AQC solutions cannot.

“While automation has been transformative for the broadcast community in terms of speeding up workflows, AQC tools do not fully implement an organisation’s overall QC policy,” says Ashish Basu, vice president of global sales and business development. “Relying on a combination of AQC and manual intervention is ultimately the best approach to understanding false negatives and positives, detecting critical issues that aren’t yet detected by automation alone, and taking appropriate corrective measures.”

In the next few years, artificial intelligence will make significant inroads into these areas: initially these tools will be limited in functionality and value, but they will gradually replace much of what must now be done manually. Developments in this area are expected to be in the spotlight at this year’s IBC conference, which will be taking place in September.


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