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Du showcases 4K TV to visitors at GITEX 2017

by Digital Studio Middle East Staff on Oct 9, 2017

UAE telecom operator Du demonstrated 4K TV at GITEX Technology Week, in line with its ‘10 Times More’ theme.
With a substantial increase in pixels, 4K has a richer, crisper, and more realistic image. Du’s showcase of 4K technology demonstrates the future of television and how viewers are able to see every detail when seated very close to the screen. When it comes to viewing experiences, duTV currently offers HD (high definition) channels and it is gearing up to offer 4K content, which provides more immersive viewing opportunities. Du customers can view their content at home or on-demand across multiple screens due to a number of offerings.
“4K is the technology that is really gaining attention, and digitalisation is paving the way for the future of TV. At du, we are an adaptive and agile ICT and digital provider and we are committed to adding value through innovation to all of our different customer offerings. With 4K technology our customers can enjoy an ultra-high definition (UHD) video quality for an even more immersive viewing experience and a smarter tomorrow,” says Marwan BinShakar, vice president access and transport planning, Du.


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