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INTERVIEW: Peter Lee, VP European operations, Orban

by Digital Studio Middle East Staff on Oct 17, 2017

Peter Lee at IBC2017
Peter Lee at IBC2017

Peter Lee, VP European operations, Orban, tells DS about his company's latest innovations

DS: What are the latest products that you’re focusing on at IBC?

Lee: Our latest flagship product here is the OPTIMOD-FM 8700i, Orban's flagship processor, which is manufactured in Germany and is already shipping. It’s equipped with exponential loudness, which is a new algorithm we’ve created which allows for MP3 files to sound very good, so that you can actually use them for on-air broadcast.

Many broadcasters still rely on MP3s so they need the OPTIMOD-FM 8700i in order to make their MP3s sound good. It’s also useful for those who have linear audio and but need to insert an MP3 file now and again. The processor doesn’t change the audio if its linear but will detect when MP3 and make it sound good.

The new unit has two Dante connections to provide redundancy. It has a codec monitor output so they user can listen to it and set it up from their benchtop. It also has bypass relays, dual power supplies, everything.

DS: How are you finding business in the Middle East?

Lee: Business in the Middle East is picking up again, after being a bit slow. We have been doing well in countries including Jordan and Lebanon. The UAE is also picking up again returning, and North Africa is always good.

DS: Do you do any work to help OTT steaming providers ensure good sound quality?

Lee: Yes, we cater for streaming providers through the OPTIMOD-PC 1101e and the OPTIMOD-PCn 1600. Those are the audio processors for streaming.

Another interesting application we’ve found is for TV broadcasters who have spare channels which they don’t use. Broadcasters can use the Orban 8685, a surround processor for television and radio, to send surround sound audio via satellite to set top boxes. This allows the end user to listen to surround sound radio via their set top box.


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