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UAE gets ready for first action-adventure movie

by Vijaya Cherian on Dec 6, 2009

Abu Dhabi-based Experience Media Studios, run by Hollywood veterans, is developing Abdulla Omar and the Lost Sand City, the first UAE action-adventure movie.


The fictional film follows renowned Emirati archaeologist and adventurer Abdulla Omar as he uses his expertise and Bedouin instincts to find an ancient sand city buried deep under the Al Gharbia desert. A three-thousand year old artefact is found in the western region of Abu Dhabi proving the existence of a legendary secret city believed to hold a Mesopotamian King’s vast treasures. Omar must move fast to solve the clues and claim the treasure for the UAE. Otherwise, international treasure hunters will steal it from the country.


Studio CEO Michael-Ryan Fletchall, who operates out of the twofour54 content creation community in Abu Dhabi, says producers at the Abu Dhabi media zone will seek to use the film initiative to “further the national identity by creating the first Emirati action hero, while also driving development in the western region of Abu Dhabi and helping local businesses, creating jobs and expanding the infrastructure”.


“This movie will excite and entertain worldwide audiences while reflecting the UAE culture and the Emirati identity,” stated Fletchall. “At the same time, we will achieve a profitable double bottom line for our investors through the film’s box office revenue, as well as the inward investment in the growth of Abu Dhabi’s media industry.”


Abdulla Omar and the Lost Sand City is the third project announced of seven movie and television shows the studio has slated to produce in the next two years under their Experience Investments banner.


Experience Media Studios will seek to bring several different film ventures to the UAE so that Emirati talent can work on ongoing projects.


“Unless you have a slate of projects to work on, you can’t really develop a film industry,” Fletchall told DPME.com.


“We plan to bring some big names in the industry to the region so that Emirati talent can shadow them on several projects. You need to have a continuous stream of film projects in the region for people to work on, not just one random project. This is how we build an industry. Our aim is to help nurture marketable Emirati talent. When they have worked with some of the top Hollywood people on several projects, they will be able to handle projects on their own eventually,” he added.



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