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AP puts HD news production on the backburner

by John Parnell on Dec 10, 2009

There is little demand at present for HD news content but this will change by 2012, according to David Hoad, director of global video technology, AP.

Hoad told DMPE.com that other content remains the priority for broadcasters and consumers as this is the quickest route to a return on investment.

“TV channels have to put the HD investment into the content that will generate the quickest return,” said Hoad. “That means sports and movies for now. By 2012-2015 there will be a large volume of HD in the news space.”

“At the moment – in all regions – HD news is very niche and those that make the leap will have a big differentiator on all their competitors,” said Hoad. “I’m not convinced the public is ready yet for HD news.”

Despite this, the news agency is receiving requests from its broadcast clients for HD content.

“Any requests we’ve had for HD have come from broadcasters that have moved all of their other productions into HD and are therefore looking to us complete their migration,” explained Hoad.

“These requests tend to be from Japan and South Korea where HD is virtually everywhere. A lot of the local news channels in the US are shooting in HD and we are seeing more and more requests from that region too.”


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