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LiberoVision challenges the assistant referee

by Digital Studio Middle East Staff on Sep 6, 2010

Viewers can now see whatever the linesman would have seen (Getty Images).
Viewers can now see whatever the linesman would have seen (Getty Images).

LiberoVision will introduce its new Libero Offside for instant offside analysis in football matches at IBC.

According to the company, the technology can reproduce a virtual version of what a linesman might have seen in a particular offside situation. A demonstration of LiberoVision’s technology at work can be seen here.

“The key difference between LiberoVision’s virtual instant replay systems and others is its realism,” said Würmlin Stadler, CEO of the company. “Other systems look like virtual animation. When you transform a great player into a virtual player, he comes out looking like an avatar.

“With our technology, you know that player is Lionel Messi. You feel like you’re standing on the field with the player or behind the goal post.”

The software uses a patented image processing technology that transforms the data from camera feeds into objects on a computer.

“Most great technology can do this in a way that’s pixel perfect, but it takes two days. No one’s interested in two days. We can do it instantly.”

LiberoVision is exhibiting on the Vizrt stand at IBC. The two companies have agreed to integrate Vizrt’s graphics creation software with Liberovision’s rendering technology.

Vizrt’s systems are used to add graphics and other on-screen elements to sports broadcasts.

Martin Burkhalter, CEO of Vizrt, said: “This is a very promising partnership, and we’re excited to showcase the latest LiberoVision products at our IBC booth. The partnership between the two companies represents a great opportunity for Vizrt’s extensive customer base to further enhance their sports coverage.”


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