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Telecast improves remote control of 3D cameras

by Digital Studio Middle East Staff on Sep 7, 2010

Fibre beats copper when it comes to remote camera control.
Fibre beats copper when it comes to remote camera control.

Telecast Fiber Systems has introduced a fibre-optic video transceiver specifically designed for high-end 3D camera setups.

The CopperHead 3400 mounts directly onto a dual-camera 3D rig, allowing producers to use lightweight fibre cables to transport stereoscopic HD signals over long distances.

This avoids the problem of having to use heavy and cumbersome copper cables.

The system enables full control of the two cameras in a 3D rig from a base station and allows operators to control the rig’s interocular convergence over fibre.

“An important trend for many types of 3D productions is the new generation of compact, high-quality HD cameras that can be attached to smaller-format 3D rigs, but most of the engineering for a 3D production takes place at the control station away from the camera,” said Jim Hurwitz, director of product management for Telecast Fiber Systems.

“Until now, there was no easy way to connect the 3D camera to the engineering station or control room without having to use large bundles of heavy copper cable.”

“By supporting the full range of compact HD cameras and 3D rigs, the CopperHead 3400 provides a highly versatile and cost-effective solution. It’s just the latest example of how our CopperHead family is solving a wide range of broadcasting and film production challenges, from newsgathering to 3D.”


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