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Do it right or don't do it all

by Brooke Sever on Jun 14, 2011

Raad Raad, MD, MxN.
Raad Raad, MD, MxN.

Digital specialist and managing director of MxN Raad Raad is passionate about bringing a higher level of quality to the region’s digital signage industry and to drive this, has started a blog.

In his first instalment, published below, he explains why content should be the first consideration in a digital signage project.

I’ve finally finished my first blog entry and plan to write at least one a month. The overall theme will be ‘do it right or don’t do it at all’, and there will be a focus on a particular area each month.

This segment will be on content, but first, for those of you that don’t know me; I thought I would set some ground rules: Just because I say something does not make it so, after all this is why they call it a ‘personal opinion’, If you don’t like what I am saying, spend some time and contribute, I am sure we can use as many opinions as possible.

Alternatively, tell me why you don’t agree and perhaps you can help me improve my understanding. This industry in the Middle East can use some intelligent debate (something that was lacking before people like Andrew Wood, Patrick Crosbie and I came to town).

I don’t pull punches, if you do cr*p work I will call you on it.
So now to this month’s topic – Think Content First.

When I first came to Dubai seven years ago, I kept hearing people talk about digital signage networks being installed.

I come from a basic school of thought and that is that seeing is believing – and at that time there was not much to see in Dubai.

Installations were few and far between, screens were of questionable quality, installations and cabling jobs were done by amateurs and the content - well don’t get me started on the content - I think my 13 year old daughter has done better stuff on PowerPoint than some of the content running on those screens (and by the way, she’s been doing better PowerPoint work than them since she was eight years old).

In the Middle East, installations focused on hardware, installation and software (I would be afraid to see how bad they would look if this wasn’t the focus) and absolutely no time was spent on content either before or after.

This, very simply, is wrong. You cannot deploy a solution that provides you the opportunity to use rich multimedia content and not think about content. It is best to start with the content strategy - buying screens should be the last thing on your mind at the beginning of any project.


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