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VIDEO: How to build a mic lead with Neutrik XLR's

by Brooke Sever on Nov 9, 2011

Leading UK based audio and AV supplier Pro Audio Stash releases its latest You Tube video, a slick, informative and easy-to-follow guide on "How To Build A Microphone Lead using Neutrik XLRs".

Mic leads are one of the absolutely fundamental pieces of kit for anyone involved in the audio and AV business and something used every day. Although a ubiquitous item, good initial construction is the key to keeping mic leads working reliably over long periods of time in rigorous environments. Heat shrunk finishing as featured in the video, can also be an excellent source of highly visible branding as well as a proper professional touch.

Harnessing the power of visual communications, social networking and a medium embraced enthusiastically by the technical production and live music industry, Pro Audio Stash's huge pool of aggregate knowledge and experience in the field can be shared and disseminated to a broader range of people and potential future clients. This is available unrestricted by time zones or working hours.

The video also demystifies what some might consider difficult or even to be a black art! It illustrates simply and graphically how with the right components, tools and application, building a mic lead can be very straightforward - but precise - accomplishable by anyone with the necessary manual dexterity.


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