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Robe shines a light on Mumford & Sons' tour

by Ashley Lane on Oct 8, 2012

Marcus and his crew rock out
Marcus and his crew rock out

London and New York based Lighting Designer, Ed Warren of Next Level Lights is using Robe moving lights for the award-winning folk rock band, Mumford & Sons’ “Babel” tour.

The band, who has become hugely popular in the last two years, has just finished another very successful US tour playing venues with a capacity of between 5,000 and 20,000, and will release their second studio album at the end of September.

The lighting is described by Warren as "Vintage barn dance with an epic edge” and the idea is that it looks interesting even before the rig is fired up.

Ian Turner of Southampton, UK, based rental company GLS thought that the Robe ColorSpot and ColorWash 700E AT and the ROBIN 600 LEDWash fixtures would be ideal sized moving lights for the venues Mumford & Sons played on their UK and European festival tour, which preceded the US dates. Warren agreed, and so the UK rig featured 28 x ColorSpot 700E ATs, 18 x ColorWash 700E ATs and 16 x ROBIN 600 LEDWashes.

Audience-interaction is high on the agenda of Mumford & Sons' shows, and the lighting plays a major role in involving the fans in the stage action and performance. For "Lover of the Light" he programmed his"‘wonder look," a zoom chase that morphed the widest and thinnest variants of each of the individual LEDWash pixels that contains enormous impact.

In addition, the fixtures were spread over three trusses, back, middle and front, with a row of LEDWash 600s on cases and rolling risers along the back of the stage and in the stage left and right wings. Each of the 16 LEDWashes corresponded to a Sky Pan fixture – typically rigged directly below – and together with these distinctive looking film lights, formed an important element of the stage architecture. 


Not a fan of the new lights. Sorry Ed but I liked it better when the lights were much simplier like during the 2010 beg


Readers' Comments

Donna (Oct 8, 2012)
Ft. Smith

Lighting on Mumford and Sons Set
Not a fan of the new lights. Sorry Ed but I liked it better when the lights were much simplier like during the 2010 beginning of 2011 gigs. Its too distracting now. I want to see the emotions on their faces when they play, not lights flashing in my eyes and blinding me. Your work is excellent and is perfect with other bands, I just prefer less with their gigs.


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