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Studio (Bottom) line

on Jan 8, 2013

Modern studios use a wide range of technology
Modern studios use a wide range of technology

The pressure on broadcasters to deliver exciting television, while cutting costs, has never been greater. Viewers’ expectations have spiralled with audiences demanding dynamic and varied production styles. Yet, beyond the images on our screens, production costs have steadily increased; an unwelcome challenge in a climate of financial uncertainty and economic volatility.

Many Broadcasters are improving cost efficiency across the business with no impact on investment in content. Studio productions are altering beyond recognition - working faster and more creatively, with precious budgets invested more wisely.

The answer to saving costs, while maintaining the high production value that viewers expect, lies in constantly evolving technology. Broadcasters are investing in a range of solutions, from robotics to energy saving lighting to cut costs, and remote mini cameras and camera stabilising systems for unique studio live production shots.

Many studios are using innovation to lead the way, working smarter and more creatively to produce a better viewer experience.

Studio automation is one of the most widespread cost saving practices amongst broadcasters and is helping companies around the globe to win their budget battles.
The benefits of introducing robotics are well known and are frequently used in a wide range of applications - from simple one or two camera studios, right through to network studios utilising total robotic solutions for everything from news broadcasts to live sports action.

For broadcast studios, a significant cost saving advantage is when robotic camera control is extended to other studios. An example of this would be regional news studios in various locations, linking into the main programme studio.

It is increasingly common for these studios to be completely unmanned, with the robotic solution enabling all control of the camera and other equipment from the main control room.

An important benefit of automated robotics solutions is the ability to provide service resilience through multi-site networking, while at the same time adding capacity and supporting high-quality, repeatable on-air movement.

Broadcasters know that if there is a problem in one studio, operations can be switched to another without compromising production standards.

Automating camera positioning and control releases operators to undertake more creative and fulfilling work, they are free to concentrate on achieving perfect framing on every shot.

Most advanced robotics pre-store the shots for every show, which are then loaded into a Graphical User Interface (GUI) giving the operator full control of all cameras and camera movement for that programme.

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