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VIDEO: Jetman races Emirates A380 over Dubai

by Digital Studio Middle East Staff on Nov 9, 2015

Film footage of the recent aerial stunt has quickly become a viral sensation.
Film footage of the recent aerial stunt has quickly become a viral sensation.

Remember the low-flying Emirates A380 that was the talk of town last month when it performed a series of routes over and around The Palm?

And remember when the Crown Prince, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, posted on Instagram a short clip of him on board helicopter near the jumbo jet?

Well, now we know why. Far from just shooting a new advert for the airline, which many assumed, they were in fact filming an awesome new stunt featuring Jetman Dubai, the former fighter pilot turned pioneer of human flight.

Jetman Dubai, real name Yves Rossy, was catapulted into the eyes of the world in late 2014 when a video of him wearing his jet-propelled wings in tandem with a light aircraft over the UAE went viral.

Then in May this year, a fascinating new video of Rossy flying alongside his protege, Vince Reffet, was released showing the pair in a dazzling sky-high display all across Dubai at speeds in excess of 200kph. The pair, wearing 'wings' that weigh in at 55kg and span two metres across the pilot’s back, move in perfect unison, twisting and turning with total freedom of movement.

But now they've cranked it up another notch by racing an Emirates Airline across the skies. A short clip released on Sheikh Hamdan's Instagram feed shows both Rossy and Reffet in tandem alongside the giant A380 airline. Accompanying the video it was written: "We are only limited by our imagination! Yves Rossy & Vincent Reffet from @JetMan have shown us that we can achieve anything if we set our mind to it! @emirates."

Shortly after, X Dubai published the full length version of the video. It starts, showing the airline casually making its move along the coastline, before the two 'pilots' come into view alongside. For more than a minute, the pair dance in parralel with the jumbo, keeping pace quite comfortably directly above the wings. The background shows the iconic Palm and Downtown skyline, as well as The World Islands.

You can watch the video in question for yourself below...

(Original article by Matt Fortune for Time Out Dubai)


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