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Sound & Stage 2015 Review

by Digital Studio Middle East Staff on Dec 30, 2015

A selection of companies look back on their highlights from the past 12 months...

Neumann & Müller Event Technology

Comments by Rick Wade, general manager

S&S: What were the major highlights for Neumann&Müller during the past year?
2015 has been a tremendous year for Neumann&Müller Event Technology. We have planned and realised technical concepts for corporations and agencies that are the leaders in their field in the Middle East and globally. Our clients have increasingly raised the bar in terms of expectations of quality and delivery and N&M have been extremely well placed to meet those demands — this is evident with three examples of exceptional events that we were awarded.

The largest corporate Gala Award Dinner the ME region has ever hosted — Nu Skin China — invited 16,000 top sales performers to Dubai for its anniversary celebration. This was a two-night Gala Award Dinner staged at the Meydan Arena and choreographed by Andree Verleger, whose credentials include the award-winning Dubai 2012 New Year’s Eve celebrations — another N&M successful project.

Together with the 2015 Museum of the Future Government Services, a three-day immersive experience featured at the Government Summit in Dubai. The UAE Prime Minister’s Office engaged some of the world’s leading futurists, designers to conceptualise, design, and prototype new technologies. We were awarded the project for the second year in a row.

Both of these projects supported us in winning the MEEA 2015 ‘Supplier of the Year’ award — given amongst high calibre competition for an ‘excellent product or excellent service delivery’. We are also proud to be working with HQ Creative again for the second consecutive year on the National Day Celebrations in Dubai — that is a testament to the teamwork ethic we aim for.

S&S: Has N&M made any major changes, purchases or expansions during 2015?
We are always investing in our equipment, technology and people and, during the summer months and over Ramadan, we merged our offices to one key hub in Dubai Investment Park.

This allows us to ensure we are fully engaged and efficient between our warehouse team and all our project managers — communication is key to any successful project and it made sense to integrate our teams under one roof to gain maximum efficiency that can benefit our clients.

We have invested in lighting that will be used on several new project and we also have new 3.5mm LED screens available from December.

N&M has also gained the seal of approval from the German Testing Institute for Event Technology (DPVT), whereby companies in the event technology industry can have their work certified by the Deutsche Prüfstelle für Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH (DPVT) according to the new SR 6.0 branch standard. N&M was one of the first companies in Germany to be successfully put through this rigorous certification procedure.

S&S: What do you feel has changed or improved in the events industry this year?
The Dubai event market had a major boost of energy when Dubai won the right to host World Expo 2020. We have already undertaken several Expo awareness projects that have been activated across the emirates in a knowledge roadshow. The Expo has attracted many new companies to the region but it is still imperative to have quality over quantity — our clients are looking even more for effective delivery and the type of events that we are now seeing in the region require the latest technology.

Today the term ‘attendee’ is outdated — for 2016 ‘participant’ is the accurate term, with interactive involvement of conference and meeting participants. We have recognised this and will continue to develop our own Event IT solutions like come2interact and come2present — interactive conference and meeting applications and the congress and meeting presentation network. I think we need to treat events more like campaigns rather than single events, because the pre-event activity and the post-event activity become really important to extending its life.

S&S: How has N&M managed to maintain its position as a leader in the market?
Our strengths and the way we think makes us stand out from the crowd in terms of efficiency and quality — in the planning, the execution and, of course, in the choice of technical equipment. At N&M we believe you should stay true to who you are. We are experts in event technology — audio, lighting, video, rigging, staging, conferencing, event IT and content production. We do not — and will not — diversify into areas just for showmanship and flavour of the month. We are staying true to our expertise.

S&S: How is N&M planning to build on its successes of 2015 over the next year?
N&M has been committed to the region since 2006 and will continue to invest and expand our business model as experts in event technology. The region is a fast-paced, diverse and dynamic market, and our investment is also in our people, innovation and technology. We are looking forward to 2016 and we are very proud to be 2015’s ‘Supplier of the Year’.

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