Ericsson to deliver next-gen content from Fox

Project is part of Ericsson's global partnership with the Fox Innovation Lab
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Ericsson is collaborating on a proof of concept to deliver a variety of Fox content. The project is part of Ericsson’s global partnership with the Fox Innovation Lab, Twentieth Century Fox's research and development centre.

The proof of concept includes new release and library movies, 360 degree audio/video, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and 4K Ultra-HD with High Dynamic Range content over any platform, device or network.

This innovation enables seamless, optimised and latency-free entertainment experiences that can support all current and anticipated playback devices, platforms, and networks.

The proof of concept leverages Ericsson's Unified Delivery Network (UDN), connecting content providers with the last-mile reach of service providers for seamless content delivery. Fox also participates as a content provider partner in Ericsson's UDN, extending Fox's network capabilities to the public domain, enabling enhanced OTT service delivery, and significantly advancing the traditional content delivery model.

The Ericsson UDN aims to address the requirements for the highest quality visuals enabled by 4K Ultra-HD with High Dynamic Range. Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) and other intake and processing technologies are used at various points along UDN's "to-the-edge" delivery network, to ensure that content delivered via mobile and other edge networks provides an optimal consumer experience.

Hanno Basse, CTO, 20th Century Fox, and managing director, Fox Innovation Lab, said: "4K Ultra-HD with High Dynamic Range, as well as virtual and augmented reality and other innovative forms of content, have gathered momentum with the promise of unique, immersive user experiences. Working closely with Ericsson's technical experts, we will offer our first proof of concept to showcase core technologies that overcome the constraints of network and bandwidth limitations. We will demonstrate a viable direction for the creation of new, breakthrough content services that expand our ability to deliver high-value, engaging content to consumers."

The proof of concept provides a test bed for exploring exciting new directions for consumer viewing experiences, including but not limited to device-specific content optimization, personalized just-in-time low-latency advertising, and novel VR and AR applications. It provides content creators and distributors with a benchmark technology stack and workflow to help define the processes and requirements for delivering new types of content.

Diomedes Kastanis, vice president, head of technology, software solutions at Ericsson, said: “Content technologies like 4K Ultra-HD with High Dynamic Range and virtual reality provide the natural next step for service providers looking to differentiate their offerings with truly immersive experiences. Our work with Fox is focused on enabling these new forms of content to be delivered to any type of device, at high quality and without consuming excessive bandwidth. To achieve this, we address every aspect of the delivery chain, including hardware, content, workflow and the end-consumer experience. We are proud of the great strides we have made in this area, and look forward to our ongoing opportunity to shape the industry in this new internet era of television.”

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