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Rounding up some of the key companies to see at 2016's Middle East EVENT Show
Brint Jackson
Brint Jackson
Dubai’s official 44th UAE National Day Celebration with HQ Creative
Dubai’s official 44th UAE National Day Celebration with HQ Creative
The Mobilsofa team
The Mobilsofa team
Meet AVISS at this year’s MEES
Meet AVISS at this year’s MEES
The CTME crew at last year’s MEES
The CTME crew at last year’s MEES


Sound & Stage rounds up just a few of the key companies to visit at this year's Middle East EVENT Show, taking place on May 24th and 25, 2016, at Dubai's JW Marriott Marquis Hotel...

Spectra Venue Management (formerly Global Spectrum)
Comments by: Brint Jackson, general manager

S&S: What are the main services or initiatives you will be showcasing at MEES this year?
Our focus is to showcase both the open-air du Arena and the indoor du Forum as ideal locations for MICE functions and private events. Both venues on Abu Dhabi’s leisure destination, Yas Island, have resonated with attendees thanks to a range of public, concert-style events. This year we aim to highlight their capabilities to host a variety of private events and gala dinners for Government, tourism and commercial organisations while also promoting the customer-focused philosophy of the Spectra management team.

As the largest open-air venue in the region, du Arena’s size, surroundings and versatile layout commands a ‘wow factor’. In addition to our concert-style events it was recently transformed into an open-air Food Festival for Taste of Abu Dhabi, a Pet Festival and a 3,000-seated, private, under-the-stars gala dining experience for First Gulf Bank. The purpose-built, fully air-conditioned du Forum offers 2,500sqm of pillar-less indoor space and regularly hosts conference events, exhibitions and impressive gala dinners.

S&S: Why does Spectra choose to have a presence at Middle East Event Show?
The Middle East Event Show is the region’s must-attend event for anyone in the events industry, providing the ideal platform for the industry as a whole to meet, network, showcase and learn.
We have made valuable connections at the show in previous years, and built some long-standing working relationships with people across the industry. The MEES has enabled us to showcase the true versatility of our venues. So many people associate us with the multi-million dollar world firsts that we have delivered — such as The Rolling Stones, Madonna, and Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” — but we also offer packages for Government functions, corporate and private events. Without the Middle East EVENT Show it would be difficult for us to truly exhibit our capabilities. It’s a pleasure for us to attend MEES and learn about what everybody else is doing in the industry, so that we can grow the category together.

S&S: Does your company have any plans for growth or investment in the Middle East in the coming months?
As the region matures we are always looking at potential locations for further expansion, however our key focus at present is to cultivate and develop our current business in the Middle East. The leisure destination, Yas Island, is the ideal location for any event, close to more than 2,500 hotel rooms and world-renowned tourist attractions such as Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Yas Waterworld. Both venues are managed by Spectra Management, along with a portfolio that includes some of the largest and most modern venues in the United States, Canada, UAE and Southeast Asia.

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Neumann&Mueller Event Technology
Comments by: Rick Wade, general manager

S&S: What are the main services or initiatives N&M will be showcasing at MEES this year?
Neumann&Mueller Event Technology has now been exhibiting for the past four years and, this year, we will host clients and meet prospective clients in our N&M Lounge in Salon 3&7 in the Link area of MEES.

The focus as always for N&M will be ‘Working Together for Success’ — We plan and realise technical concepts for corporations and agencies that are the leaders in their field in the Middle East and globally.

Our strengths and the way we think makes us stand out from the crowd in terms of efficiency and quality, in the planning, the execution and, of course, in the choice of technical equipment for an event.

We will also have over from Europe our global CEO, Alex Ostermaier, and head of studio, Klaus Ostermayer, in attendance to meet our industry partners and clients over the two days. We are firmly convinced that real success can only be achieved together through mutual collaboration — we therefore place special emphasis on teamwork among ourselves and with our clients.

S&S: Why is it important for Neumann&Mueller to have a presence at the Middle East EVENT Show?
For N&M it is an important calendar date where we can meet up with our clients and catch up mid-year to plan the next six months and 2017, and — of course — celebrate successes to date under one roof. It is also a place to showcase our products and services plus, very importantly, introduce our knowledgeable N&M greater team to prospective new clients as well.

N&M attend and actively engage in the MEES because it is more than just a standard show, the activities that support the exhibitors and sponsors add real value — education and innovation are the leadership qualities that we believe are important in our industry and we endorse sharing the many years of experience in the industry we have at our disposal with the N&M team to the industry at large. This expertise and networking supports our goal to create technical innovations as well as to develop products and applications specifically across the events industry.

S&S: Does N&M have any further growth or investment planned within the region in the next few months?
2016 has been a very successful year for N&M across all markets and in Dubai we have been very pleased to have been selected by our clients who we have built up a trust based relationship that know and expect us to deliver technically sophisticated concepts with the utmost efficiency — this is so important in this region — they know they can rely on our expertise and a high level of commitment.

That is why I am very proud of leading our team that have been chosen by our clients to create and deliver projects like Dubai’s Celebration of National Day with HQ Creative and The Museum of the Future and Edge of Government projects — Dubai Government Summit with PublicisLive.

What also makes it so rewarding is that many of our clients and business partners are all shortlisted for the Middle East Event Awards 2016 that are very well deserved, while we have also been honoured ourselves with a shortlist nomination for Supplier of the Year, Employer of the Year and Best Use of Event Technology — so watch this space!

Over the next 12 months our main objective in the Middle East is to continually deliver to our existing clients the level of service and expertise that we are known for and to grow the business with new clients, to ensure that we manage this we are continually investing in new equipment, resources and, very importantly, people.

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Mobilsofa Middle East
Comments by: Balint Tordai, co-founder and managing director

S&S: Tell us more about what Mobilsofa Middle East will be showcasing at MEES this year?
Mobilsofa is an event design and production company, we also provide rental of our furniture in a limited range. This year, at the Middle East EVENT Show, we will be concentrating more on showcasing the event conceptualisation side of our business.

S&S: Why did the company decide to exhibit at MEES? Is it the first time you’ve exhibited in the show?
No, this year will be the third time that Mobilsofa has taken part in the Middle East EVENT Show as an exhibitor. The show is an absolute must for our company — it is one of the few places where we can meet new potential clients and explain to them personally — and in great detail — just what Mobilsofa is all about.

S&S: What plans does Mobilsofa have lined up within the region for growth or expansion?
We are continuously expanding our capacities. We have more than 14 designers working on concepts and designs for our clients and we have reached UAE standards in regards of our inventory. To give you an example, we can now build 96 metres of bars out of our illuminated bar system.

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Comments by: Ali Hadi, digital media manager

S&S: Why should people come to visit the AVISS LLC stand at this year’s Middle East EVENT Show?
This year’s participation will showcase the start-up of our new marketing segment in virtual voting systems, interpretations, conferencing systems and digital media ‘interactive presentations’ for events, exhibitions and tradeshows. It includes contribution from all organisational units, divided as per their direct connection to the strategic priorities adopted by AVISS LLC.

AVISS seeks to acquaint customers with the latest cutting edge technology and project support in the field of events, conferencing and trade shows; in addition to direct communication with the Bosch Public conferencing system to ensure the delivery of best quality of services to our clients. We noted that the event/exhibition is a good opportunity to learn about the latest developments in various industries in the Middle East. AVISS will showcase the latest manner in which it is using Interactive Polling System technology, which provides instantaneous feedback for the presenter and helps keep the remote audience engaged by displaying their input through virtual clicker devices. Interactive polling systems also enable dialogue between the speaker and participants for dynamic events that capture and keep audience attention, while collecting valuable feedback in an electronic format.

S&S: Why does AVISS choose to be at the Middle East EVENT Show?
A lot of businesses are put off exhibiting at a trade show because of the cost. It’s true – developing a great trade show exhibit, training our staff members, and participating in the event it isn’t a very easy process. However, like most forms of marketing and services, with the right strategy MEES can be a very profitable choice. AVISS’s attendance is an opportunity to drastically expand our company’s customer base. The people who attend MEES tend to be motivated, interested in the products or services our company offers, and often ready to commit to a deal on the spot. In short, they’re much more worthwhile leads than names and numbers picked out of a business directory. Exhibiting at MEES gives our company’s sales team an unprecedented level of access to important prospects, all without the resentment and apprehension that characterises traditional direct sales. Typical objections disappear as customers are in a buying (or research-focused) mood.

S&S: Are there any future plans for growth or expansion at AVISS that you can tell us about?
AVISS LLC has a diversified products and services portfolio and the Middle East contains some of the world’s most diverse, challenging and rewarding markets. The social and political upheaval seen across some of the region is a visible indication of the rate of change in some markets. But this is more than matched by other, less visible changes such as those in consumer behaviour, industrial development, regulatory reform and business culture. Making informed decisions in this environment can be challenging, particularly considering that the quality and quantity of publicly-available information is lower than in more transparent markets. Based entirely in the region, our strategy team works with clients to understand the challenges and opportunities of their specific target markets to anticipate relevant trends, and ultimately to make investment decisions based on fact, not supposition.

Today, we’re announcing a strategic plan that we strongly believe will enable us to accelerate AVISS’s transformation into digital media. This is a strong plan calling for bold shifts in products and in resources. We are extremely proud of 1.5 million worth of company in UAE. We have delivered Bosch security system and Bosch conferencing systems since 2008 to date. Our new strategic plan builds from that achievement and will dramatically brighten our future, and improve our competitiveness and attractiveness to users, corporate customers, and partners.

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Creative Technology Middle East
Comments by: Andy Reardon, managing director

S&S: What can visitors expect to find on the CTME stand at this year’s Middle East EVENT Show?
We’ve got the typical CTME black glossy style this year, but we’re on a much larger stand. We will be exhibiting some new products, including our 3mm Absen indoor LED that we’ve just brought into the region, and we’ll also be running our latest Watchout servers. Generally, though, we’re looking forward to just being able to meet and greet new customers as well as catching up with all the existing customers we already have relationships with.

S&S: Why does CTME choose to exhibit at the Middle East EVENT Show?
We’ve supported the Middle East EVENT Show from day one. I think for CTME it works well based around the clientele that we have, but also the intimacy of the event. It’s not a huge trade show for manufacturers of products or trade suppliers — which for us often doesn’t hit the right people — so I always find that MEES is just a great kind of show that sits in the correct time on the yearly calendar, with a size and scale that means we gain some good foot traffic and also get a chance to say hello to the clientele that already support us. I also understand that quite a lot of events we delivered are also up for Middle East EVENT Awards this year, which is great for our clients.

S&S: Who will be manning the CTME stand at this year’s show? Can we expect to meet any new faces or catch up with familiar ones?
We’ve got the complete team this year, so we’ve got both regions together — Doha and Dubai. We’ve also got a couple of new faces — James Crump, who is new in the Dubai team, Irum and Barry, who head up our Qatar office, myself and Ed Jarman. So it will be a mix of new faces along with the existing family favourites! The main thing for us this year is that it’s both regions —we’re all coming together and calibrating to be a part of it together.

S&S: What are CTME’s plans for the rest of the year ahead?
We’ve got quite a few changes going on at CTME so we’ve been focusing on that and getting the business back in the right place for going forward. We’re expanding — obviously we’ve already introduced some new team members but we have some more additions to come. We’re also moving premises to a brand new facility in DIP2 and making substantial investment for the coming season. There are certainly more changes ahead for us – more development, more training, more employment and investment into products.

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