Film scanner impresses UAE National Archives

Blackmagic Cintel scanner stabilises up to 85% of image warping in degraded film
Amir Parvaresh from MediaCast (far right) with Francois Sire and Abdullah Al Bastaki from National Archives.
Amir Parvaresh from MediaCast (far right) with Francois Sire and Abdullah Al Bastaki from National Archives.


Shortly after announcing the launch of Blackmagic Cintel Film Scanner in the Middle East, MediaCast held an exclusive demo for UAE National Archives, the government department in charge of preserving and documenting the history and heritage of UAE.

Cintel Film Scanner features redesigned digital servos, high intensity diffuse light source and imaging systems, allowing it to scan 35mm and 16mm film up to 30fps in Ultra HD resolution and in real time. It has been designed with an architectural aesthetic and is so thin it can be mounted on a wall.

The demo was offered at MediaCast office in Dubai Media City, and was attended by Abdallah Al Bastaki, digital archives specialist and Francois Sire, archives operations manager at National Archives, UAE.

Al Bastaki said: “Even though we brought a stage 3 vinegarised film, we were impressed that Cintel managed to stabilise up to 85% of the image warping which the film suffered from.

“Cintel also managed to extract audio from the film which is a good feature and the beauties of Cintel compared to other scanners, is being able to extract RAW files which can be better edited compared to compressed files, especially since it includes the Davinci Resolve editing software.”

Also attending the demo was the archives operations manager – Francois Sire, who said: “It was a good demo and I would love to come back for a longer demo in the future. The scanner price is extremely aggressive especially since it belongs to a well reputable company – Blackmagic Design, adding that Davinci Resolve is definitely an added benefit.”

Al Bastaki added: “It is an amazing machine which is positioned at a very lucrative price point and offers high grade professional value in the realm of film digitalisation and is definitely something to consider.”

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