Broadcast tech firms upbeat about 2017

Despite the current economic challenges, many firms see room for growth this year
Naresh Subherwal, managing director, Middle East, SAM.
Naresh Subherwal, managing director, Middle East, SAM.


While many companies in the Middle East are feeling the pinch amid low oil prices, some global manufacturers of broadcast and related products see good opportunities for growth in the region.

Naresh Subherwal, managing director, Middle East, SAM that while he expects the early part of 2017 to remain challenging across the region, the situation will improve as the year progresses. “I’m optimistic about the second half of the year and expect to see projects get up and running again,” he said.

Subherwal added that While 2016 was a challenging for the MENA region, SAM also saw significant growth and enjoyed a better year than 2015. “We have made a considerable investment in the region, especially in the team we now have on the ground, which has enabled us to gain market share as a result. As the region recovers during 2017 we are set for another good year for the business and look forward to building on our success further,” he said.


Dan Holland, marketing manager, IHSE USA, says that the Middle East offers some “intriguing possibilities” for 2017. “The region is home to a growing population of a younger generation digital media users which is driving the need for larger and more effective broadcast studios but economic slowdown and pockets of political unrest create some uncertainty in growth potential. Gulf nations such as Qatar, UAE and Kuwait look to have a much higher demand for broadcast and digital media although spending and project requirements have recently slowed,” Holland says.

“Over the last two years IHSE has increased the companies branding strategies to focus on the needs of professional KVM extenders and switch products supporting broadcast, post production and outside mobile production vans for live sporting events. IHSE supports its MENA customer base from its office in Dubai, UAE.”

Advanced Media, a Dubai-based distributor of broadcast and production technology, also sees room for optimism. The company’s CEO, Kaveh Farnam, said: “I do believe we will continue to increase our sales in general media and production far more than 2016. A shortage in camera and sensor production in 2016 because of Japan’s earthquake and a few other technical issues with our major camera suppliers were a big part of the difficulties we had in 2016. Hopefully we will not face these issues in 2017. RED’s new product range and a better and complete product line-up from Sony will bring a bigger sales opportunity for us in the coming year.”

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