Fans blast organisation of Gun N' Roses concert

People abandon cars and risk hard shoulder trek in bid to see band
Fans walk along the hard shoulder to reach Dubai's Autism Rocks Arena. (Pic: Time Out Dubai)
Fans walk along the hard shoulder to reach Dubai's Autism Rocks Arena. (Pic: Time Out Dubai)


Fans of Gun N’ Roses were left fuming amid chaotic scenes outside The Autism Rocks Arena on Friday night.

Thousands of fans struggled to make it to the venue on time owing to gridlock on the Al Ain road and a lack of parking at the event. Many people abandoned their cars and walked several kilometres to the venue, only to face lengthy queues at inadequately staffed booths, fans told Digital Studio ME.

Guns N’ Roses played to a 30,000 strong crowd at the arena as part of their ‘Not in this Lifetime’ world tour, according to show organiser, 117 Live.

One fan said that she left home before 7pm, but still missed the first hour of the show, which started at about 9.15pm. “It was chaos, we left our car on the side of the road and walked to the venue. A lot of people were refused entry although they appeared to have tickets. Loads of people were sitting on the roof of their cars to watch the band as they couldn’t get in,” said the music fan, who preferred not to be named.

Fans also complained of poor F&B service, with tokens running out and large queues making it difficult to get served.

However, disappointed fans may have found some consolation in comments from frontman Axl Rose on stage. The legendary rocker told the crowd that he and his fellow band mates had attempted to go off-road to avoid the heavy traffic and subsequently got stuck in the sand.

117 Live admitted that some fans had experienced problems reaching the concert on time. In a press release posted on Facebook the company said. “The venue opened at 4pm to allow fans early access, and the organisers acknowledge that there were some fans whose travel arrangements didn’t get them to the venue on time may have missed out on the opening of the show.”

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