Nautel to demo latest transmitters

Broad portfolio of transmitters will be demonstrated at CABSAT 2017
John MacDonald
John MacDonald


John MacDonald, regional sales manager for Middle East and Africa, Nautel, tells Digital Studio about the company’s plan for the upcoming CABSAT show and its success in the MENA region.

DB: What does Nautel have planned for Cabsat 2017?

At this year’s CABSAT, Nautel will highlight recent successes in the region including several important turnkey MW and FM projects that have relied on strong relationships with qualified local partners.

Nautel will showcase its broad transmitter product line that includes:

Award-winning FM transmitters featuring many industry-first innovations; IP audio I/O, Livewire, AUI, Orban Inside, and MPX over AES. Power levels 300 W to 80 kW. There will be a live demo of an FM transmitter.

Web-compatible interfaces on all AM and FM products and a 17” touch screen Advanced User Interface (AUI) on NX and GV series transmitters, for unmatched monitoring and control. There will be a live demo of Nautel’s award-winning AUI.

Industry-leading high power MW with compact, cost-effective solutions from 1 kW to 2000 kW.

Advanced Digital Radio solutions including DRM and HD Radio that offer end-to-end digital radio capability.

In terms of new products and services, for big market broadcasters who want to maximise their on-air power, Nautel has extended the GV Series to 60 kW and 80 kW FM transmitters.

In the last year Nautel brought the popular high-power NX Series down to mid-range level with 3 and 15 kW transmitters joining the 5 and 10 kW models.

Nautel has established a spare parts depot in Dubai to support the scores of transmitters in the region - both current and previous models – allowing for the rapid deployment of urgently required spares. Expert engineering resources are also available locally through Nautel.

We will continue to enhance our large project capabilities via provision of qualified local partners and increased resources to support Nautel customers in the region.

Wendell Lonergan, head of broadcast sales and sales manager, Europe & North Africa, and John Macdonald, sales manager, Middle East will attend CABSAT.

DB: How important is the Middle East and North Africa for Nautel?

The MENA region is very important to Nautel with a number of countries investing in their broadcast infrastructure and recognising the long-term value of installing innovative, state-of-the-art transmitters like Nautel’s. The drop in oil prices has impacted budgets and customers are prioritising their investments and seeking the best value possible. Nautel transmitters meet this need with cutting-edge features and continuous software development offered as software upgrades at no additional cost. Our focus will continue to be on offering cost effective innovation.

Countries holding the greatest potential include Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.

DB: What do you hope to achieve by exhibiting at the show?

CABSAT provides an ideal opportunity for Nautel representatives to pursue new opportunities in the area as well as maintain relationships with major customers like: Ajman Independent Studios, LIVE/ADM, Oman PART, and Sharjah Media.

DB: What recent success stories has Nautel had in the region?

Nautel will continue to pursue and deploy large scale turnkey projects and build on recent successes like: Domination of FM expansion projects in Oman for PART; Orders for impressive N+1 systems in the Northern Emirates; NV20lt 5+1 system and NV20lt 2+1 system; Two NX10 transmitters with smooth implementation for UAQ Broadcasting Station, and 200 kW MW project with rapid deployment in 60 days from start to finish for LIVE (Abu Dhabi Media) in the UAE.

Antenna Hungaria’s two-megawatt transmission facility near Solt, Hungary, is also getting an upgrade from Nautel.

Nautel in profile: Nautel offers the broadest portfolio of digital/analog solid-state transmitters including 1–2000 kW AM/MW and 300 W–88 kW FM radio transmitters, and solutions for digital broadcast. More than 14,000 Nautel transmitters are deployed in 177 countries. Nautel transmitters offer comprehensive monitoring and control instrumentation via touch screen or web, outstanding reliability, compact footprints, high efficiency, easy maintenance, and 24/7 support.

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