MultiDyne showcases 12G solutions

Frank Jachetta, president of MultiDyne, outlines the company’s plans for NAB Show...
Frank Jachetta, president of MultiDyne.
Frank Jachetta, president of MultiDyne.


Frank Jachetta, president of MultiDyne, outlines the company’s plans for NAB Show and international expansion ambitions.

DS: What new products do you plan to launch at NAB?

For us 12G and IP are most important at NAB. We are going to roll-out a number of products in a 12G version. We do still have an eye on IP but for our equipment, we are at the frontlines with 4K and 8K. We feel IP has not quite reached top-fare and is still on the side-lines of the field. However, some of our receive units such as our camera-back receive units have IP output as well as 12G.

For the fibre camera-back systems we will have a 12G version and we will also have an upgrade path to existing users to go to 12G. We have some multiplexing products for putting multiple optical signals on one fibre; we have upgraded that to 12G. Then there is ‘our little silver bullet’, a 12G converter. In addition we have expanded our BullDog line. This portable box is useful where there is a lack of infrastructure, such as on a golf course or some distant area. You take this device out to the field, deploy a single fibre cable between it and the truck and it will bring power there. There is absolutely no need for infrastructure at the point of acquisition.

DS: What is the significance of 12G?

It’s 4K-centric for starters and in our world of transport, typically 4K is moved by means of four 3G HD SDIs, and 4K, the four quadrants. It’s a little bit cumbersome because if you look at our 4K camera back and other 4K products its four connections. So now those are simply combined into one. There has been quite a push in the United States particularly from OB van operators to not ignore 12G for these reasons. IP is not going to leapfrog that any time soon.

Digital cinema worldwide is essentially 4K but in broadcast 4K has not quite arrived. Broadcasters will probably circumvent the awkwardness of quadlink. As 4K becomes prolific broadcasters in some regions, including the Middle East, may well jump right to 12G which makes a much easier workflow. IP is certainly a giant in the wings but I still feel believe it is somewhat in the wings. It is certainly an inevitability and particularly as bandwidth increases I will become a network just like in your office. But for quite a few years more, it will remain more peripherally on the post-acquisition side. Here in the States, 12G is the current push.

DS: How do you see the potential to grow internationally?

As a smaller New York based company most of our work is in North America but we are trying to change that. We were present at CABSAT in Dubai through one of our resellers. We plan within this year to have a fully-staffed European office in the UK. The Middle East will be the next frontier.

DS: How do you explain the success of MultiDyne to date?

We fill a niche, we solve a problem. Our products solve the problems of filmmakers and broadcasters. We have a long warranty and extremely good service. We will follow up instantly with someone on the ground if required which gives us a significant advantage over a lot of bigger companies.

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