Qvest Media expands its location network

Qvest opens a central hub for Northern Europe in Copenhagen
Daniel Url, Qvest
Daniel Url, Qvest


Qvest Media, a systems architect and ICT integrator of broadcast and media technology, is expanding further in Europe. After adding locations in France and Switzerland, the company is establishing a central hub for Northern Europe in Copenhagen. From there, the company’s future activities in the Nordic and the Baltic countries will be lead by a team headed up by manager Peter Thomsen.

“Europe is an important economic region for us, with game-changing investments in the areas of digitisation and media,” said Daniel Url, MD of Qvest Media in Europe. “As a consultant and systems integrator specialising in the areas of broadcast, media and telecommunications, we operate globally on a technical level. We know, however, the importance of local presence to be able to assist our customers quickly and effectively.”

With more than 200 employees, Qvest Media supports companies around the world in the realisation of challenging technology and digitisation projects. The range of services in this area includes consulting, systems integration and service & support for customers such as TV, news and media networks, as well as telecommunications providers, sports organisations and content platform operators.

“The Nordic and Baltic countries are an important and attractive market for us, which is characterised by great openness for new media and technology trends. With our experience in the design and development of digital and media technology infrastructures, we would like to play a significant role here in the future,” Url added.

Building on its technological expertise, Qvest Media will also establish its new Managed Technology business division in Northern Europe. With Managed Technology, the company offers a service portfolio, tailored to media companies, to successively replace long-term technology investments with OpEx operational expenditure. Qvest Media enables its customers – by means of service provision and support for existing technology and system environments, cloud services, infrastructure services such as IaaS or the technical operating of media platforms (PaaS) – to focus more on their creative core business.

As MD, Peter Thomsen will build up and lead Qvest Media’s business operations in Northern Europe. The 57-year-old Dane is an experienced manager from the Northern European media sector and is highly familiar with the local markets. “The international outlook as well as the future plans of Qvest Media quickly convinced me to take on a leadership role in the company. I am looking forward to helping build up the business of Qvest Media in Northern Europe with a strong team and a lot of expertise behind us,” Peter Thomsen says. “In the Nordic countries, a considerable demand exists for providers of professional ICT system solutions in the broadcast and media segment who can adapt and implement new trends in technology quickly. This applies both to the core media technology business and to areas such as consulting, systems integration, technology management and service. With Qvest Media, we’ll close this gap,” Thomsen added.


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