GatesAir appoints Bruce D. Swail as CEO

Swail replaces Phil Argyris who is retiring
Bruce D. Swail, CEO, GatesAir
Bruce D. Swail, CEO, GatesAir


GatesAir, a specialist in wireless technology for broadcast, has appointed Bruce D. Swail as its CEO, effective immediately. Swail replaces Phil Argyris who is set to retire.

Argyris will remain with GatesAir as long as necessary for a smooth leadership transition. 

John Danner, chairman of GatesAir and managing director at The Gores Group said: “We sincerely thank Phil for his nearly 14 years of leadership at the company.  Over his tenure, he helped establish a standard of innovation and excellence across the company’s product and service portfolio.”

Argyris said: “I greatly enjoyed my time at GatesAir. Besides working with some of the highest quality employees and customers in the industry, I consider many of those employees and customers my friends.”

Bruce Swail is a seasoned executive who brings more than 35 years of telecom and electronics experience to GatesAir.  Most recently, Swail was the CEO of Ulticom Inc., a private equity held provider of telecom signaling solutions and US Robotics, a well-known data communications vendor. 

Earlier in his career, Swail was an executive at Flextronics and spent 20 years with Motorola where he led global manufacturing and technology businesses ranging in size from $30 million to $1.5 billion. 

Danner said: “We are very pleased to have attracted an accomplished industry veteran the calibre of Bruce Swail to lead GatesAir going forward. We are highly confident that his blend of skills and experience will be the perfect fit for GatesAir as it enters this exciting and challenging period in the broadcast equipment industry.”



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