Kuwait TV and ITV adopt joint EVS Tedial solution

Technology vendors partner to close the gap between live and archive
Esther Mesas, Tedial CMO/CSO
Esther Mesas, Tedial CMO/CSO


Kuwait TV and British sports producer ITV Sport are the first broadcasters to adopt a joint solution from Tedial, an independent MAM technology solutions specialist and EVS, live production specialist.

Tedial and EVS recently formed a technology partnership to create a bi-directional link between EVS’ live production asset management suite, IPDirector, and Tedial’s enterprise MAM system, Evolution. It enables live content created in the EVS environment to be automatically added to archive workflows managed by Tedial systems.

Kuwait TV is the first broadcaster to benefit from the joint solution. The organisation run by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information, produces and broadcasts content aross its eight TV channels and selected the joint EVS / Tedial solution to integrate into its long-term archive management system and its EVS IPDirector suite.

“Making sure they have an easily-managed archive of content is hugely important for them to future-proof their live programming,” said Esther Mesas, Tedial CMO/CSO. “Having this tight integration between the EVS live production workflow and Tedial MAM system is a tremendous benefit that will help them to save expensive resources throughout the production process.”

Part of an overall workflow installed by EVS’ local partner, INC System Integrations, the production asset management system manages content that’s ingested, created and played out using more than 20 XS series servers. This PAM will now be able to easily send live assets to Kuwait TV’s Tedial MAM archive solution.

The technology partnership

During production, content creators like ITV Sport and Kuwait TV can use the joint solution to pass live assets like replays, highlights and clips from IPDirector, a production asset management system that’s built specifically for live media, directly into the Tedial Evolution MAM system. This then securely archives the assets on spinning and LT0 disks, immediately freeing up storage on the EVS servers.

Then after production, users can easily search the Tedial archive for assets and metadata – including the EVS logs – and easily fully restore media back into the EVS system so it can be easily played out in any other programming.

“Our goal when designing solutions is to give our customers with the best way to maximise the value of their content,” said Nicolas Bourdon, SVP marketing at EVS. “Partnerships like this one with Tedial are key to making this happen. By closing the gap between live production and deep archive, we’re creating a two-way exchange of content, giving users the ability to better utilize their assets and ultimately create better stories.”

Mesas added: “Careful attention has been paid to creating a thorough integration between our two companies’ technology, enabling us to offer a back-office solution that enhances and supports EVS’ industry-leading live tools. This is something that a number of customers have quickly recognized the value in. So much so in fact that we already have two deployments currently being prepared for Kuwait TV and ITV Sport.”

The joint solution pairs the speed and reliability of EVS technology with the robust and secure nature of the Tedial system. It removes unnecessary additional steps from the production workflow and allows users to operate much more efficiently.

Timeline Television, is the first facilities provider to select the EVS / Tedial integrated solution to broadcast facilities provider, is delivering a five-year contract to provide a full digital archive service for ITV Sport. To support its fast-turnaround live production workflow, replays, highlights and clips created using Timeline’s LSM and XT servers, will be immediately delivered to the ITV Sport archive. 

“Because of the fast-turnaround production ITV Sport undertakes, we needed a MAM solution that was closely integrated with the live production workflow to most effectively deliver this archive management contract,” said Daniel McDonnell, Managing Director at Timeline Television. “Being able to back up live content directly from the EVS environment into the Tedial MAM system will let our users operate with much better efficiency.”

The solution will be implemented as Timeline begins the process of migrating the existing ITV Sport archive and will also give multiple remote users the ability to access all archived media and associated metadata via a web platform.

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