Fujinon unveils mini 4K lens for broadcast

Fujinon's UA24X7 is suitable for live sport broadcasting and press coverage
Fujinon will show the UA24x7.8 lens at IBC.
Fujinon will show the UA24x7.8 lens at IBC.


Fujifilm Corporation has unveiled its latest mini 4K lens suitable for broadcast, the Fujinon UA24x7.8BERD, (UA24x7.8).

The lens is the world's smallest (total length approx. 220.5mm) and lightest (approx. 1.98kg) broadcast lens supporting 4K.

The lens is scheduled for release in January 2018.

Despite having a compact body, the UA24x7.8 features a 24x high magnification zoom, covering a focal length from the wide angle of 7.8mm to 187mm. This portable zoom lens exhibits high mobility and operability. It allows users to shoot high-definition, realistic videos for situations such as live sport broadcasting and press coverage.

The addition of this product expands Fujifilm's 4K broadcast lens line-up to 8 models in total, catering to the various needs for 4K video production.

The UA24x7.8 will be exhibited at IBC2017 in Amsterdam this month, along with the full range of Fujinon Ultra HD 4K broadcast lenses, the range of high-end PL-Mount cinema lenses, and the new MK Series of Cine lenses aimed at independent and emerging film-makers.

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