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David Workman, director of sales and business development at Telemetrics, talks IBC2017 tactics
David Workman of Telemetrics.
David Workman of Telemetrics.


DS: What products and services will be the key focus for Telemetrics at IBC2017?

David Workman: Telemetrics will be showcasing our full line of camera robotics and control systems, which are used around the world for high-end broadcast and sports productions, as well as government/legislative and corporate use. Our flagship products, the PT-LP-S5, and its ‘little brother’, the PT-HP-S5, both provide ultra-smooth on-air camera movements with a unique internal cable management system. These robotic pan/tilt heads can then be mounted on the Televator elevating pedestals, and can also be used on Teleglide tracks, which can be either floor or ceiling mounted. The Telemetrics control systems not only provide the robotics control, but also feature full camera CCU functionality. This provides a unified interface for shading/painting broadcast cameras from all major camera manufacturers.

DS: Will you be launching any new products at this year’s show?

DW: We are thrilled to be showing two new control options at IBC this year. First, we have the RCCP-1A, which is an advanced version of our RCCP-1 control system. The RCCP-1A introduces the new reFrame Automatic Shot Correction, an innovative and powerful feature for tracking the on-air talent and keeping them properly framed at all times. We also have the new RCCP-M modular controller for smaller studios, or facilities that have non-technical operators.

DS: What do you hope to achieve by attending IBC2017?

DW: IBC has always been a very important and productive show for Telemetrics. We have close partnerships with large broadcasters that span a tremendous geographic range – all the way from the northernmost Nordic countries to the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. IBC is our primary opportunity to re-connect with our most important customers in all of these territories, and also with our dealers and resale partners.

DS: How has 2017 been so far for your company?

DW: It has definitely been a good year so far, and we are ahead of last year’s year-to-date sales, which happened to be the best in the company’s 43-year history. We moved our factory to a newer and larger facility this year, as we had outgrown the previous building, which had been the Telemetrics headquarters for more than 20 years.

DS: Do you have any plans for expansion in the Middle East in 2017-18?

DW: Of all the territories around the world, we are currently seeing the biggest growth in the Middle East. We have won quite a few large projects this year, with some additional business that we expect to close by year-end. Our dealer network is quite strong in the region, and we have a good reputation for having reliable equipment that requires very little maintenance, which is important anywhere, but particularly so in harsher desert environments like the Middle East.

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