AI to replace editing and scheduling jobs

Artificial intelligence will soon be able to complete video editing tasks
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Artificial intelligence was lauded for its potential to drive efficiency and innovation in the broadcast industry at IBC2017, but the adoption of AI could also lead to significant job losses, including skilled work.

AI will soon be able to compile schedules and automatically edit or version 'standardised' video content for updating videos on social media or compiling highlights packages, according to Niall Duffy, CMO at Virtual AI, a company that specialises in robotic process automations. "It (AI) will also start delivering peronalised content in a fine-grained manner, rather than the more blunt -force approaches of today," he said.

As companies like Microsoft open up their AI libraries and functionality within their cloud products, it allows the tools to be used to automatically analyse content and write or extract metadata. That subsequently enables providers to focus on processing content in a meaningful way, and as AI algorithms get better, more content will be processed by using them.

Another major contribution of AI in the broadcast industry will be far more nuanced recommendations for viewers. Tim Child, co-founder at media asset management (MAM) vendor, Cantemo, forecasts that personalised video content will be generated based on audience profiles, behaviours, and locations. “There’s already a great deal of investment from media companies capturing detailed information about viewers to enable them to serve personalised content and ads,” he said. “Using video intelligence, this process can be automated and much more accurate, meaning consumers only get content that is highly relevant and interesting to them.”


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