OSN signs deal with Rockwell Collins to offer premium Arabic content to aircraft passengers

Agreement provides Rockwell Collins with 3,000 hours of high-definition (HD) content, including premium Arabic dramas, comedies and lifestyle programming.
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Orbit Showtime Network (OSN), has entered into an agreement with Rockwell Collins for premium Arabic TV content to be delivered for commercial aircraft passengers via it's Stage™ wireless streaming and content delivery solutions. The multi-year agreement will provide Rockwell Collins with 3,000 hours of high-definition (HD) premium Arabic content, including dramas, comedies and lifestyle programming.

Rockwell Collins is a leader in aviation solutions for commercial customers around the world. Stage is a total content delivery solution that lets passengers stream media including DRM protected movies and TV shows. Rockwell Collins secures content licensing rights with major Hollywood studios and other content providers to ensure acquisition of the latest content to be made available to flyers. OSN's Arabic content will be available on Stage beginning this month.

Taylor Prosba, director, Cabin Information Systems for Rockwell Collins said that "this is a great opportunity for our customers in the Middle East region to get the content they want, right at their fingertips”

Elie Kawkabani, SVP, Business Development at OSN said: “We are excited to be entering this business relationship which will extend our suite of Arabic content to Rockwell Collins’ customers. Both OSN and Rockwell Collins are dedicated to delivering elite experiences, and I’m delighted that the best of our Arabic dramas, TV series and movies will be enjoyed on Stage. This new deal solidifies our commitment to promoting entertainment made in the region, for the region.”

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