DTC Domo Broadcast to feature Wireless HEVC 4K UHD Solution

DTC Domo Broadcast will feature the AEON-TX transmitter for wireless 4K/UHD video with distribution partner Glocom at CABSAT 2018.
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DTC Domo Broadcast will feature the AEON-TX transmitter for wireless 4K/UHD video with distribution partner Glocom at CABSAT 2018.
The accelerating demand for UHD and HDR has until now been hampered by the limited ability of wireless-equipped cameras to transmit vast volumes of raw data, making them almost useless for covering live sport, events, and news in 4K. However, by taking advantage of the extremely efficient, ultra-low delay HEVC SD, HD, and 4K encoding technology built into the AEON-TX transmitter, operators in any wireless application can now transmit 4K UHD video formats up to and including 2160p60.
JP Delport, DTC Domo's vice president, Broadcast Sales, said, “In addition to its 4K UHD and HDR capabilities, AEON-TX vastly reduces bandwidth costs without compromising quality. In short, true wireless 4K UHD transmission is a reality with AEON-TX.”
AEON-TX’s connectivity options include fully integrated return channels for bi-directional IP connectivity and low-bandwidth telemetry, giving a scalable return channel for talk-back to camera control to return video. The transmitter includes industry standard DVB-T modulation for compatibility with existing systems; and DTC’s proprietary UMVL modulation for enhanced high frequency/speed performance.

Delport added, “I rarely, if ever, say ‘game changer’ because too often in our industry such claims turn out to be anything but. However, AEON-TX is at the very least so far ahead of the game that broadcasters and producers will have to invent a new one and, with AEON-TX, they can.”
DTC Domo Broadcast will demonstrate AEON-TX at CABSAT 2018 on Stand ZB5-D30.

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