Etisalat's E-Vision signs five year exclusive deal with Starz Play

The new deal will allow eLife customers to enjoy Starz Play exclusively across its IPTV and mobile services.
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E-Vision, the content aggregation subsidiary of Etisalat, and STARZ PLAY, the region's fastest growing streaming video on-demand service, today announced a first-of-its kind, five-year content deal with Etisalat. The new deal will allow eLife customers to enjoy Starz Play exclusively across its IPTV and mobile services. Etisalat eLife customers can enjoy Starz Play in HD or 4K quality on their TV and mobile devices.

Humaid Sahoo, CEO of E-Vision, said: “Enhancing the already existing partnership with STARZ PLAY is the natural evolution to the efforts and partnership that started three years ago. STARZ PLAY’s content and service has proven to be an attractive and differentiating service. E-Vision’s strategic objective to secure premium and exclusive content to differentiate its offering is the driving force to enter into a long-term partnership with STARZ PLAY. E-Vision is very excited to disseminate STARZ PLAY’s offering across Etisalat Group territories.”

The partnership will enable Etisalat UAE customers to enjoy STARZ PLAY exclusively across its IPTV and mobile services. Etisalat International operations will also be able to offer the STARZ PLAY service, accessing and differentiating its content offering in their respective territories under special terms. E-Vision and STARZ PLAY will work closely to expand its relationship to enhance the offering through exclusive and different synergy opportunities across content and technology areas.

Maaz Sheikh, CEO of STARZ PLAY, said in an interview with Digital Studio: “The inbound interest in the service is very high and new customer sign-up are very high, as is consumption. On average per user is consuming about 35 minutes per day. We are pretty close to global standard and our audience tends to be 80% under 35 age group. If we are able to deliver the right experience across the range of platforms and conveniently packaged together with easy payment options, it will help us build critical volume for our service. Our partnership with E-Vision will help us take it to the next level. It is taking our service to eLife and Etisalat mobile customers and we are also collaborating on two other dimensions - content where we will be licensing some of E-Vision's on the Arabic and kids programming side, and we will also be collaborating on the technology platform. The platform we have built is for this region. We think we can work with Etisalat and E-Vision in bringing the backend platform and technology to other players who might want to launch their own SVOD service."

"Our research has shown that more and more consumers in the UAE are watching TV through the eLife TV service. With this strategic partnership, we are bringing together STARZ PLAY with Etisalat’s Elife service. Etisalat customers can now access their favorite TV shows and the biggest movies on STARZ PLAY with one simple click of a button on their E-life remote control.”

From award-winning series such as Vikings, which is available on STARZ PLAY at the same time as the US, to the hotly-anticipated, premiering soon Britannia, which details the Roman invasion of Great Britain in 43AD, eLife TV subscribers can also get on-board with perennial favourites and classics such as Power and Grey’s Anatomy.

STARZ PLAY streams thousands of hours of blockbuster Hollywood and Bollywood movies, documentaries, children’s entertainment, ‘same-day-as-the-US’ series, and dedicated Arabic content to subscribers in 19 countries. The platform features English, Arabic and French audio options and user interfaces, plus one-click Arabic subtitling.

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