Telemetrics to display new camera robotics and control systems at NAB 2018

Telemetrics brings the latest in camera robotics and control systems to NAB Show 2018.
Telemetrics RCCP-1A control panel
Telemetrics RCCP-1A control panel


At the upcoming NAB 2018 Show, Telemetrics, Inc., a leader in camera robotics, will display its latest systems and solutions for proven ROI and increased productivity results. The new products—including an award-winning line of pan/tilt heads—are all designed to fit a myriad of workflows by providing ultra-smooth motion, quiet operation, advanced automation features and exceptionally high mechanical precision that is well suited for space-limited automated production studios and virtual set systems.

Advanced Camera Control

Following on the success of its Remote Camera Control Panel, the RCCP-1, Telemetrics will show broadcasters and production companies a new, more fully featured “Advanced” control panel – the RCCP-1A. It's designed for larger Broadcast Studios and Legislative production centers.
While the existing RCCP-1 control panel provides easy access to a variety of valuable menu controls of broadcast cameras without the need for dedicated camera control units or external paint boxes, the new Telemetrics RCCP-1A takes this a step further by adding powerful, unified controls. The system, with optional Studio software includes Telemetrics’ reFrame Automatic Shot Correction technology that locks cameras onto the talent and automatically trims the shot… without the operator ever having to touch the controls. The RCCP-1A-STS software also enables you to store multiple shows, each with its own unique inventory of shots.
With Telemetrics Legislative (RCCP-1A-LGS) software, the system gives you a bird’s eye view of the room and its various participants. Then, using the RCCP control panel, the operator can click on any seat in the room and have the cameras move to that person as they speak.

Servo-Controlled Robotics

Telemetrics will spotlight introduce a lower cost addition to its popular series of robotic servo-controlled pan/tilt camera support systems, the PT-HP-S5 Servo Pan/Tilt Head, that brings new operational performance for robotically controlled cameras and automated production studios.
The PT-HP-S5 was the winner of TV Technology’s “Best In Show” award at NAB 2017, and is now part of Telemetrics’ 5th generation S5 camera control product portfolio. Compared to the existing PT-LP-S5, the PT-HP-S5 is targeted at smaller production studios with limited budgets but still needing unique POV shots to add value to their production. It can accommodate any box-style camera and lens up to 40 pounds and is fully 4K-ready with embedded fiber connectivity as a standard feature.

Low-Cost Control

Telemetrics will also demonstrate its entry-level camera control unit, the RCCP-M. The RCCP-M offers a highly intuitive and easy to use control interface with a unique “Perspective” feature that allows users to take a picture with their cell phone, load it into the control panel and the system then automatically commands the camera to take that position.
This cost-effective control panel features a large full-color touch screen interface, integrated camera controls, and a right or left modular joystick that make this panel customizable and ready for any project. The Telemetrics RCCP-M offers upgrade options, so users can transition to more advanced controls as the need arises.

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