Fans these days just have no respect.
    Oasis' Liam Gallagher.
    Oasis' Liam Gallagher.


    Following two major technical gaffes at high-profile Oasis gigs in the UK, the incorrigible Gallagher brothers have been left irate, red-faced and out of pocket.

    The first incident occurred on a cool summer’s eve at a recent gig at Heaton Park, Manchester when during the set, the great production bugbear – generator failure reared  its ugly head.

    For almost half an hour, the sounds of silence met with the discontent of the crowd to create an altogether unpleasant atmosphere, leaving fans asking: “What’s the story?”

    The infamous Gallagher duo were suddenly caught beneath a landslide of benevolence and blurted out some comments which they later regretted.

    “Sorry about that. This is a free show now. Everyone will get their money back,” Liam declared.

    “Anyone who has kept their ticket will get a full refund,” chimed Noel.

    These off-the-cuff comments came back to proverbially bite the brothers when they discovered that many fans had actually taken up the offer to return their $72-a-pop tickets. The gall of it! How dare they?

    Ingeniously, Oasis’ brains trust formulated the idea of adding a little charm to the cheques, in an attempt to be the one that saved them, and encourage fans to hang on to these little treasures as souvenirs.

    “The Oasis Bank of Burnage” (the brothers’ home town) was inscribed on the cheques, along with the personal signatures of both the belligerent brothers.

    Despite this admirable attempt to dissuade fans from cashing in on a promise, 20,000 of the 70,000 punters present at the show, opted to claim their cash back.

    By our calculations, the cost of the refunds was not far off the $1.5 million mark. Burnage indeed.

    Noel Gallagher (the one with the guitar) was extremely unhappy with the brazen behaviour of fans.

    “So you were genuinely disappointed? There wasn’t a 20,000 [person] gap in the crowd.”

    “I'm regretting offering you your money back now."

    Come on Noel, you can hardly blame the fans for cashing a cheque which was written out to them. Don’t look back in anger!

    Less than one month later, a similar technical hiccup occurred when the audio system cut out at the bands’ Wembley Stadium gig. Luckily the delay that ensued was brief.

    This time, Noel was quick to nip the situation in the bud.

    On stage that evening, he categorically confirmed that no one would be getting their money back, production mishaps aside.

    Were the Oasis’s comments following the initial incident really the condemnation of 20,000 fans? Or a last-minute attempt to salvage the grumpy, confrontational stage persona the band has so carefully cultivated, when faced with the possibility of appearing selfless? You decide.

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