Zaxcom brings new offerings to IBC

    Four new products to be unveiled in Amsterdam.
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    Zaxcom will unveil several new products at the show including the Zax-net, its ERX encrypted IFB bodypack receivers, the QRX100 four-channel camera RF audio system and the TRX992 wireless recording system. 

    Zax-Net is a 2.4 GHz RF network for the distribution of remote control signals, timecode, IFB audio, and metadata for production sound. It wirelessly links Zaxcom's Deva/Fusion, digital recording wireless, encrypted IFB receivers, and compatible digital slates into a single system for audio recording and metadata distribution.

    The Zax-Net signal is generated by Deva/Fusion and broadcast via an IFB100 on a 2.4 GHz signal. The IFB audio, timecode, metadata, and wireless remote control commands are then received by the ERX1, ERX2, and TRX series digital wireless units. Zax-Net will be available for all current Zaxcom hardware via a free software update.

    The new ERX1 and ERX2 Encrypted IFB bodypacks receive high quality digital audio, timecode, and metadata from a Zaxcom IFB transmitter. They have an LCD display for showing timecode and current scene and take metadata in real time with a hold button for script supervisors.

    The ERX2 has a built-in timecode reader/generator and output to continuously jam digital slates ensuring no timecode drift between Deva/Fusion and the slate. The timecode will stay accurate even in the case of an extended RF dropout.

    It will also communicate the scene and take metadata to Zax-Net compatible digital slates for display when the clapper is activated. The ERX1 and ERX2 contain a 1 kHz notch filter to eliminate the transmission of tone that is sometimes sent from the mixing console. The notch filter frequency is adjustable and using the notch filter won't affect the quality of the IFB audio.

    First unveiled at NAB 2009, the QRX100 four-channel RF audio receiver takes advantage of the capability of today's cameras to record four or more discrete audio channels. The QRX100 will receive four channels of audio from up to two Zaxcom stereo or mono digital transmitters.

    It will then output these received audio channels as both analogue and AES digital formats with audio quality that can only be matched by a hard-wired system. This interface will allow broadcasters to record all channels from four-channel ENG cameras quickly and easily. The QRX100 will double as a timecode receiver, with an optional video sync/SMPTE timecode output and an optional integrated IFB transmitter.

    The TRX992 is a professional wireless audio transceiver designed specifically for boom pole and sports applications. Within a single compact unit, the TRX992 performs the functions of an audio transmitter, monitor return receiver, backup recorder, and phantom power supply. The TRX992 is a 100% digital transmission system optimised for boom mic operators working on motion picture and television productions.
    The transceiver features patent-pending internal recording, which backs up all transmissions to guard against lost audio files. Users can record up to 24 hours of audio to a removable mini or microSD card using the TRX992. The system features a user-selectable power output — ranging from 10 mW to 100 mW. Audio dynamic range is 106 dB, making it sound like a hard-wired microphone, without any of the typical FM audio distortion problems.

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