Soundcraft Studer changes draw anonymous attack

Company president dismisses details of 'potentially libelous' email.
Studer's Vista and On Air 3000 consoles will be manufactured in the UK from January 2010.
Studer's Vista and On Air 3000 consoles will be manufactured in the UK from January 2010.


Soundcraft Studer president Andy Trott has defended the company’s operational changes following the circulation of an email which alleged UK-based Soundcraft was “unprofitable”.

“We are treating this email as malicious and we are consulting with legal experts as we believe it is potentially libelous,” Soundcraft Studer management revealed in an exclusive interview with

“What is also a concern is that the email was signed by ‘Willy Studer’, who is the founder of Studer Professional Audio, and died in 1996,” said Andy Trott, president of Soundcraft Studer.

He said the email was not credible and the company was investigating possible leads as to who may have sent the document.

The email, entitled “The conspiracy of Blake Augsberger” alleged the CEO and president of Harman Pro Group was acting “against the interests of Harman shareholders” by moving the manufacturing of Studer consoles from its current Swiss headquarters to the Soundcraft facility in Potters Bar, UK.

It also claimed Studer was making a “huge” profit, while Soundcraft was running at a loss, a suggestion which Trott dismissed.

“There is no way to differentiate between the income of Soundcraft and Studer, because they are listed as the same company,” he said.

“Both aspects of the business are doing very well and despite the effects of the global downturn, we have released a number of new products during the past year.”

“But we’re still manufacturing consoles across two countries, adding time and cost - that doesn’t make operational or financial sense. So from January 2010 all [Studer] Vista and OnAir 3000 consoles will be produced in the UK.”

Trott confirmed that manufacturing staff affected by the restructure would be offered the opportunity to relocate to the company's UK facility.

While essentially the same company, Soundcraft specialises in live mixing consoles and Studer is focused on in-studio installations.

In the Middle East, Studer consoles were recently installed in Live’s fleet of outside broadcast vans and in the studios of the Arabian Radio Network.

Soundcraft Studer falls under the Harman Pro Group banner.

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