Les Paul lauded as pro audio 'pioneer'

Technology blogger lends praise to iconic audio technology figure.
Rock and roll hall of famer, Les Paul.
Rock and roll hall of famer, Les Paul.


Technology blogger Shelly Palmer has applauded the creator of the first solid-bodied electric guitar, Les Paul, as a pioneer of modern multi-track recording techniques.

The designer of Gibson’s iconic Les Paul guitar and pro audio technology inventor, died in a US hospital last week at the age of 94.

Paul is widely considered the inventor of the electric guitar, however this claim is false according to Palmer, who said his best work was done developing effects and recording technology.

“Les pioneered many early artificial echo and reverb techniques that have become a mainstay of live performance and modern recording engineering,” claimed Palmer, who spent time with Paul in the 1970s.

“One of his greatest accomplishments was his work with multi-track, sound-on-sound and sound-with-sound recording,” he said. “His work with Ampex, to bring commercial multi-track tape machines to market, literally changed the world.”

“Prior to modern multi-track recording, sound engineers ‘recorded performances’. After Les and Ampex brought multi-track recording to market, an entire generation of musicians learned to ‘perform recordings’.”

In addition to his work in advancing pro audio technology, Paul was also a renowned guitarist, with many ‘greats’ having cited him as an influence.

Palmer said Paul’s effect on the world pro audio technology and the music world was significant.

“Les is the father of the modern recording artist and he inspired a generation of musicians to create new tools and use them to create new sounds,” he said.

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