Top 10: Watchmen, Heroes top illegal download list

Traffic to pirate websites doubled in 2008/09, claims new research.
Watchmen topped the list of illegal film downloads during the surveyed period.
Watchmen topped the list of illegal film downloads during the surveyed period.


Hollywood blockbuster Watchmen and NBC TV series Heroes have topped the list of the most popular illegal downloads via torrent sites over the past 12 months, according to new research from media monitoring firm Big Champagne.

The Warner Bros-produced feature film clocked almost 17 million downloads while Heroes received a whopping 54 million downloads during the surveyed period.

Big Champagne also found that visits to top torrent sites had almost doubled in the past year.

"Millions of television viewers now access free, unauthorised versions of favourite shows at least some of the time," said Eric Garland, chief executive of Big Champagne.

"This is a socially acceptable form of casual piracy - and it is replacing viewing hours."

Top TV torrent downloads 2008/09
Heroes;  54,562,012
Lost;  51,151,396
24;  34,119,093
Prison Break;  29,283,591
House; 26,277,954
Fringe; 21,434,755
Desperate Housewives; 21,378,412
Grey's Anatomy;  19,916,775
Gossip Girl;  19,706,870
Smallville;  19,598,999

Top film torrent downloads 2008/09
Watchmen; 16,906,452
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; 13, 133, 137
Yes Man; 13,038,364
Twilight; 11,632,645
Fast and Furious; 10,613,668
Gran Torino; 9,880,700
Marley and Me; 9,099,219
Slumdog Millionaire; 8,840,884
Bolt; 8,690,633
Australia; 8,628,012


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