Disney to launch consumer cloud media storage

Studio to build online network to offer 'portable' content rights.
Disney CEO Robert Iger (left).
Disney CEO Robert Iger (left).


Disney has announced that it will launch a cloud-based storage service for consumers that will allow them to view their Disney content anywhere and on any device with web access.

The service – code-named keychest – would allow consumers to pay one fee for Disney content, which would then be made available to them via the platform, rather than as a download, according to reports in the Wall Street Journal.

“The idea of a secure digital storage locker up ‘in the cloud’ will eventually make a lot of sense, and will also help interested consumers gain easy and portable access to a lot of their content,” said Gerry Kaufhold, analysts at consultancy firm In-Stat.

“Consumers have videos, music and photos spread across a mismatched bundle of hard disk drives and USB devices, they may actually desire a way to have all this material available from one network service available from any location. But it’s going to take some time to develop, and not all consumers are going to sign up. Some will continue to buy packaged media,” added Kaufhold.

Bob Chapek, head of home entertainemnt at Disney, told The Wall Street Journal that it would take around five years for Keychest to make a profit.

Disney is the second largest media company in the world and includes Marvel Entertainment, Pixar, ESPN and a number of other brands.

Keychest could be introduced as early as next month, according to the reports, moving it ahead of the similar Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), which is being developed by a consortium including Cisco, Intel, Sony, Warner Bros., Paramount, HP, Microsoft and a number of other major studios and IT firms.

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