RealNetworks to launch new online video platform

Latest iteration of Helix scheduled for Middle East release.
A screenshot from RealNetworks' Helix Media Delivery Platform.
A screenshot from RealNetworks' Helix Media Delivery Platform.


Systems integrator Interact Egypt and RealNetworks – developer of the RealPlayer and one of the largest digital media companies worldwide – will introduce the latest version of the Helix Media Delivery Platform later this week.

The event on December 9 at the Semeramis InterContinental hotel in Cairo, will include the launch of RealNetworks’ Helix 13 media streaming platform in the Middle East.

Helix Media Delivery Platform is the cross-platform, multi-format video delivery infrastructure used by more than 100 mobile operators worldwide including Mobinil, Orange, Vodafone, Telefonica and Sky.

Version 13 includes all the tools needed to rapidly create, deliver, monitor, monetise and play digital media.

“From Interact perspective, digital media has changed several aspects of our daily lives, the way we communicate, collaborate, learn, share information,” said Fady Ramzy, Egypt country manager for Interact. “On another front, online video stores, increasing video support over mobile handsets, content monetisation, user generated content and social networks are all factors reshaping the digital entertainment industry nowadays.”

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