3D TV a surefire winner: Futuresource

Success of 3D cinema to drive uptake of technology in homes.
3D to move into the home faster: Futuresource Cons, Bolt, Hollywood 3D cinema, News, Broadcast Business


High Definition (HD) and Blu-ray hardware adoption will rise significantly in 2010 as the 3D roadmap becomes more clearly defined, claims UK-based analyst Futuresource Consulting.

“The quality and experience of HD via Blu-ray disc is unparalleled, and for those consumers not yet convinced by the experience, 3D will be another key selling point and a highly persuasive reason to upgrade,” commented Jim Bottoms, director, Futuresource Consulting.

“The success of 3D in the cinema is giving the technology a major push in the home. Our research shows that 3D-enabled BD players will be available in Q2 next year to support the major push on 3D TVs that will start at CES and build throughout the year. Further interest will be driven by owners of PS3 consoles, which will be able to play ‘Blu-ray 3D’ content.

“At the beginning 2009, many were concerned that consumers may retain their standard definition (SD) equipment in the light of a tightening economic environment. However, consumers have continued to upgrade to HD, encouraged by falling prices, growing awareness and the fact that home entertainment represents good value for money in tough economic times. Factor in the impact of a definitive 3D platform, coupled with the consistent advertising and education this will bring and we’ll see the robustness of the packaged media business continue to surprise the industry, with its lifespan prolonged for some time to come,” he added.

Hollywood is already releasing approximately 30 major 3D movie titles per annum, and it is believed that the numbers will double over the next 12 to 18 months.

Titles such as Bolt and Ice Age are reported to have generated more than 50% of their theatrical revenues from the 3D version in the US. The report adds that customers seem prepared to pay a premium for 3D content.

“With many high profile 3D BD title releases planned from the middle of next year, the industry’s eagerness to maximise the 3D in-home experience will go hand in hand with people’s eagerness to consume the content,” he added.
Manufacturers are also promoting 3D-ready sets, Mike Fisher, Convergence & New Technologies consultant at Futuresource pointed out.  

“There is expected to be a major US push on these devices early in 2010. These TVs are a prerequisite to consumer adoption in much the same way as HD-ready sets were used to seed the HD market five years ago. 3D chipsets can be embedded into next gen hardware at relatively low cost. Combine this with an integrated consumer awareness programme and a coherent ‘3D-Ready’ branding strategy, and there will be few obstacles to consumer adoption. Further, the determination of a number of leading hardware brands to carve an early position in the 3D TV and BD market will inevitably result in some attractive 3D bundling deals, which we have factored into our detailed 3D hardware and content forecasts,” he commented.

It is also believed that the World Cup in June and July, which is set to be shot in 3D, will raise the profile of the technology significantly.

“Given the positive impact that this sporting festival always has on TV demand we can expect the retail trade to put its full weight behind 3D very quickly,” Fisher added.

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