Brave new world showcases the best pro-audio iPhone apps
The massive popularity of Apple?s iPhone has created a thriving third-party application development industry, with many of the pro audio sector?s top
The massive popularity of Apple?s iPhone has created a thriving third-party application development industry, with many of the pro audio sector?s top


The massive popularity of Apple’s iPhone has created a thriving third-party application development industry, with many of the pro audio sector’s top names jumping on the bandwagon. Here, we showcase the top iPhone applications that you soon won’t be able to live without.

Something out of left field this one. The Royal National Institute for Deaf People’s (RNID) new iPhone application is ideal for hard-working live sound engineers concerned by hearing loss.

The free app is the latest version of RNID’s popular Hearing Check software and has been downloaded more than 500,000 times since its release.

The Hearing Check application measures a person’s ability to hear someone speaking when there is background noise, similar to being in a crowded room. The app is free to download and is a convenient way for people to check their hearing is within the normal range.

App Store > Medical > RNID

We like: Handy tool for those rocking a little too loudly.

Could be better: A little temperamental in noisy environments (funnily enough).

$$$: Free!

Sound Cloud remote
The development of the SoundCloud (a quasi professional version of MySpace Music) platform proved a revelation for A&R types and aspiring musicians looking to score recording contracts with major labels.

This application allows producers and label managers to access tracks sent to their SoundCloud account and listen to them directly on their iPhones. They can even email the tracks via their iPhones to potential clients or present them during meetings. Clever stuff.

We like: Simple but effective interface; ability to send tracks via email addresses stored in iPhone.

Could be better: Only available via Wi-Fi connections, which makes it a little sketchy in the Middle East.

App Store > Music > SoundCloud

$$$: Free!

AKG’s eponymous iPhone app is one of the newest and best released to market. The app provides a graphical interface allowing users to browse, monitor, and control their wireless microphone and IEM systems using their iPhones.

The app uses a Wi-Fi link to access Harman’s HiQnet protocol and can be used to monitor wireless system parameters and radio frequency connections on stage for some of AKG’s most popular wireless microphone systems, including the DMS 700, the WMS 4000/4500, and the IVM 4 in ear monitoring system.

Users can easily browse through the entire wireless system within the device list, monitor each device and its parameters separately within the stripe view, or use the RF monitor for checking the radio frequency connection of each wireless device.

App Store > Productivity > AKG Acoustics

$$$: Free!

SignalScope Pro, Faber Acoustical
SignalScope Pro for iPhone OS devices is a real-time analysis toolset, suitable for use in areas such as acoustics, audio, electronics, and vibration. SignalScope Pro includes tools for dynamic signal analysis, as well as a signal generator for producing test signals.

SignalScope Pro also turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a platform for data acquisition, storing acquired data in ASCII text files, MAT-files, or images for later retrieval from the device.

Input signals can be acquired from the built-in accelerometer, or from the current audio input path (the iPhone OS automatically selects the audio input path according to which external audio devices, if any, are connected to your device).

Different engineering units, including Volts, Amps, pascals, Gs, and IPS (inches per second) can be assigned to input channels of the dock connector audio input or the headset input (not available on 1st generation iPod touch devices). Sensitivity calibration can also be performed for any audio input device or input channel.

Really impressive piece of kit, even despite the lofty price tag.

App Store > Utilities > Faber Acoustical

$how me the money: $74.95

Fast fact: Check out for video demos.

AudioTools, Studio Six Digital
Studio Six Digital’s AudioTools is a suite of professional-grade audio and acoustic analysis apps bundled into one package, with additional modules available for purchase. The range of standard modules includes a faithful reproduction of a classic analogue SPL meter including A and C weighting, and Fast and Slow ANSI decay modes.

All filters meet or exceed ANSI. A real time analyser (RTA) provides features including a touch-GUI range control, a cursor, max/min bars, and noise curve overlays; a sine wave, square wave, white and pink noise generator; line levels; and an audio scope.

VERDICT: Brilliant and compared to the SignalScope, remarkable value.

App store > Music > Studio Six Digital

Show me the money: $19.95


WinkSound presents users with original music production videos and tutorials featuring popular and widely used software such as Ableton, Logic, Pro-Tools, Reason, Cubase and others.

WinkSound’s curated video library also features videos focusing on music production techniques such as mixing, mastering, recording audio, beat making and Djing. currently hosts more than 5,000 videos, with hundreds more added to the service each week.

VERDICT: Handy training portal.

App store > Music > MobBase

ProRemote, Far Out Labs

Far Out Labs claims its ProRemote software is the world’s first 32-channel touch sensitive control surface designed for the iPad and iPhone.

ProRemote allows users to control a range of audio applications over Wi-Fi, providing basic remote control of ProTools, Ableton Live, Apple Logic or Soundtrack Pro; XY control; and pro MIDI pads.

VERDICT: Perfectly suited to garage engineers or aspiring producers.

App store > Music > Far Out Labs

Show me the money: $89.95.

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