Saudi Telecom launches interactive TV service

Play/pause, video on demand available to Shamil customers.
STC customers can now access interactive TV for the first time.
STC customers can now access interactive TV for the first time.


Saudi Arabia's telecoms firm, STC has launched the advanced interactive TV service for its AFAQ DSL Shamil customers. The new service, InVision, allows customers to watch live TV channels, pause a programme and replay it later, replay clips, and record and retrieve programmes to watch them anytime for a complete week. It also provides Video on Demand (VOD) and a control panel which allows viewers to select the packages that meet their interests.

It marks the first time that interactive TV has been available in the Kingdom.

STC’s Blackberry subscribers will no longer be able to access messenger services, it has been announced. Following moves by the UAE, which will ban the messenger, email and web-browsing capabilities of the device from October 11, Saudi Arabia will ban just messenger services from August 1.

“UAE took a bolder step than Saudi Arabia whereas Saudi Arabia is only banning one, the Messenger. I hope this is only a kind of pressure on RIM to take steps to provide information when needed," Abdulrahman Mazi, a member of the board of STC said.


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