IBC Show Preview

A look ahead at the events and products at this year's edition of IBC
A look ahead at the events and products at this year's edition of IBC
A look ahead at the events and products at this year's edition of IBC
Brainstorm creates graphics
Brainstorm creates graphics
Cooke claims its S4 lenses offer superb optical and mechanical performance
Cooke claims its S4 lenses offer superb optical and mechanical performance
KARMAudio is a hardware solution allowing real-time unattended adaptive loudness and true-peak correction
KARMAudio is a hardware solution allowing real-time unattended adaptive loudness and true-peak correction
Polecam's HRO 69 C-mount lens has 3.5 mm focal length, a 69 degree horizontal angle of view and F2.2 to F16 aperture range
Polecam's HRO 69 C-mount lens has 3.5 mm focal length, a 69 degree horizontal angle of view and F2.2 to F16 aperture range
The Omneon MediaGrid also will provide the processing power for Omneon ProXchange to repackage edited content for delivery to other media distribution
The Omneon MediaGrid also will provide the processing power for Omneon ProXchange to repackage edited content for delivery to other media distribution
Streambox's ACT-L3 software encoder now also supports HD-SDI video streaming via Apple Mac OS X platforms
Streambox's ACT-L3 software encoder now also supports HD-SDI video streaming via Apple Mac OS X platforms
Thomson Grass Valley is the Elite 1000 GreenPower transmitter line
Thomson Grass Valley is the Elite 1000 GreenPower transmitter line
The new Vector 750i is designed to deliver great precision for virtual and augmented reality in outside broadcast and studio applications.
The new Vector 750i is designed to deliver great precision for virtual and augmented reality in outside broadcast and studio applications.


IBC is with us again and the exhibition is pulling out all the stops to make sure attendance rises after last year’s slight year on year decline.

A new element added to the show this year is Connected World, where the IPTV, Mobile and Digital Signage Zones willbe brought together under one roof in Hall 9. Connected World will showcase the many opportunities being created for the electronic media industry by IP, broadband and mobile distribution.

At the heart of Hall 9, the Connected World Hub will stage a series of free-admission seminars, presentations and business briefings to help visitors understand the implications and opportunities of the Connected World. The Demo Stage @ The Hub will host demonstrations that illustrate how content is and will be managed, distributed and consumed across diverse consumer electronic devices.

Other things to see at IBC are the New Technology Campus (NTC), which attracts researchers from the world’s foremost companies and academic institutions.

Previous shows have hosted the delivery of the world’s first live-by-satellite and fibre-optic international broadcasts. Last year saw demonstrations of virtual objects; context-aware and adaptive content and stereoscopic 3D technology.

The IBC Big Screen is another highlight of the exhibition. This purpose-built auditorium is used by exhibitors to demonstrate the latest developments and innovations in cinema and broadcast technology.

Returning after its successful debut last year is the Production Village, which features training sessions that cover a wide range of shooting issues. The Production Village allows IBC’s attendees to interact with new technology and gain hands-on experience with the very latest cameras.

The IBC Conference is split into four main streams this year: technology advancements; content creation & innovation; the business of broadcasting; and added value. Key topics that will feature across all four streams are: sports broadcasting; stereo 3D; public service broadcasting and how to monetise content.

Saturday 11 September will feature four conference sessions dedicated to sports. The role of stereoscopic 3D within sports broadcasting is a subject that will feature prominently throughout the day.

Read what individual companies are up to at IBC in the following pages.

Belden unleashes cables at IBC

Belden offers a range of cables suitable for HD and 3G applications. Its emphasis at IBC will be on cables for both studio and field use, as well as cables for use in permanent installations.

Key exhibits will include the Belden Commercial Audio Range for the public A/V and live performance marketplace. The range is designed to be highly cost-effective, while delivering quality and high performance. Most cables have been developed with halogen-free (HF) design according to IEC 332-1 standards and all are based on an oxygen-free copper conductor.

Also on display are the SMPTE311 and TAC fiber cables with integrated SHED and HDX active components from Telecast Fiber Systems. This newest Belden brand meets the continued need for mixed copper and fiber solutions and growing bandwidth demands in live entertainment applications.

Belden Tactical fibre cable has been upgraded and improved. It is used for long haul HD transmissions from mobile trucks and is suited to applications that require multiple or redundant channels of Cat5e cables in remote production or staging applications. The heat-resistant Hybrid Fibre Cable for HDTV cameras is available as a mobile cable for use in the studio or in the field as well as static cable for use in permanent installations. Its three versions have flexible black jackets in either halogen-free, PUR or PVC and all feature heat-resistant PE insulation.

Visit Stand 1 C21

Brainstorm creates graphics

Visitors to Brainstorm’s stand will be able to see live demonstrations of its entire range, including the latest version of the flagship product and graphics engine, eStudio. V12 of the product enables design and real-time playout of virtual studios and 3D graphics, as well as the creation of customised applications.

Also featuring will be a new eStudio interface, providing an environment and toolset designed to make it familiar to graphic designers. Another highlight will be the latest version of Aston Character Generator and BrainNews, which enables news departments to integrate realtime 3D graphics into their workflow without the need for constant input from designers.

Stand 2 B59;  www.brainstorm.es

Cintel enhances and restores images at IBC

Cintel International will be exhibiting the new imageMill2 image processing workstation at IBC 2010. Version 2 adds network capabilities and data file management to the existing imageMill capabilities.

According to Simon Carter, Cintel sales director, “imageMill2 will address the industry’s need for a powerful, fast, yet simple-to-use noise and grain management tool for digital Intermediate applications. With speeds in excess of 30fps for 2K files and 45fps for HD files, the performance of imageMill2 is unequalled.

"We are currently processing 4K files at just under 10fps and can also deal with SD files at twice real time. With imageMill2 you can truly eliminate the wait in image processing and restoration.”
Cintel will also be exhibiting the production version of the 2K/4K film scanner, diTTo evolution (pictured). This building on the successful diTTo scanner with features such as fast shuttle capability, a non-pin registration mode for archive scanning, imageMill2 processing tools and a 3.2D density range.

Visit Stand 7.B35

Cooke showcases precision lenses

Cooke Optics will be demonstrating its full range of precision lenses for motion pictures, including the top-of-the-line 5/i Prime lens. Visitors to Stand 11 D10 will also see the S4 and the lightweight and affordable Panchro lens.

A key feature of the 5/i Primes is a dimmable, illuminated focus ring, with two separately toggled scales that allow the focus puller to read the scales in low lighting conditions.

The reduced size, weight and true focal length markings of the Panchro lenses make them a possible fit for 3D productions and documentaries.

Cooke claims its S4 lenses offer superb optical and mechanical performance, control of flare, distortion, veiling glare and spherical aberrations at full aperture.

Stand 11 D10; www.cookeoptics.com

Dalet eyes your assets

Dalet Digital Media Systems will showcase Dalet Enterprise Edition, its flagship news and media asset Management (MAM) solution at IBC. The latest version integrates creative and editorial tools for news, sports and program production with MAM and workflow automation.

New features include the Dalet Story Boarder for collaborative pre-editing; the OneCut audio editor; MediaCutter for creating new effects such as blur and better integration with third-party systems such as Rhozet and Signiant.

Visit Stand 8 B77; www.dalet.com

Digital Vision addresses the mid-range market

Digital Vision will this year highlight its colour grading, finishing, mastering and restoration solutions for the broadcast, film and commercials industries.

This year, Digital Vision will have two new solutions to compliment its premium flagship Nucoda Film Master solution. To address the mid-range DI grading and dailies market, the company has introduced Nucoda Fuse.

At the entry level, the company has introduced Nucoda Compose to provide a cost-effective, workstation to aid in the grading, finishing and mastering workflow for adverts, film and television post production.

To address the restoration market, Digital Vision will demonstrate Phoenix Finish, its new flagship end-to-end restoration, re-mastering and delivery system. A mid-range solution, Phoenix Refine, and an entry-level offering, Phoenix Touch, will also be on show.

Executives will be on hand to demonstrate the capabilities of these products and Nucoda Film Master, which was used to grade Europe’s first 3D feature, StreetDance (pictured below).

Visit Stand 7 A28;  www.digitalvision.se

sporting solutions

Deltacast will showcase DELTA-stat 3D, a new version of the DELTA-stat solution for customised live sports branding, based on the proprietary 3D engine of Deltacast. Also new is DELTA-sport highlights, an analysis product  based on the DELTA-sport tracking technology. It provides a large range of virtual graphics: player trajectories, player highlights, arrows, circles, speeds, distances, and all the other elements ensuring efficient and in-depth  analysis of sequences.

Deltacast delivers virtual graphics for live sporting events. Its products rely on a set of proprietary high-technology modules: sensor-free tracking, image processing algorithms, adaptive chroma-keying and a 3D engine.

DELTA-sport delivers virtual graphic overlays including offside lines, distance and speed measurements, animated 3D logos, scores, magnifiers, and player trajectories. DELTA-stat is a solution for customised live sports branding.

Stand 10 D10; www.deltasport.tv

DK-Technologies keeps eye on the meter

DK-Technologies will demonstrate new additions to its audio and video metering and monitoring products at IBC. New to the European market is the PT0700R Client Panel, a remote unit for the PT0760M HD/SD multi-channel video waveform monitor. The product is aimed at broadcast engineers who want to access the facilities of the PT0760M (and the entry level PT0710M) from a remote location.

Also new for IBC is the PT0740M, an audio-only version of the PT0760M waveform monitor. This unit, which is aimed at engineers who don’t need a video measurement tool, offers de-embedding from a single HD/SD SDi input and full StarFish surround Sound metering. It is complemented by the new PT0730M, which offers all the audio functions of its big brother but without the video input.

All of the products in DK’s PTO700 series of waveform monitors can now be equipped with the company’s loudness software. DK has also introduced a new software upgrade that allows audio engineers to see both peak and loudness metering at the same time, while displaying the loudness in a graphical form.

The final new product for IBC is a revised version of the popular PT5300 Compact VariTime Sync Generator. This modular multi-standard HD and SD gen-lockable sync generator already offers front panel and remote control, but it can now also offer Ethernet access and simple Network Timing Protocol (SNTP). From September, all new PT5300s will have these upgrades fitted as standard.

Visit Stand 8 E60

Eyeheight controls audio levels

Eyeheight plans two major additions to its range of production and post-production tools.

KARMAudio is a hardware solution allowing real-time unattended adaptive loudness and true-peak correction. It is based on a geNETics processor and integrates with the full range of geNETics products. It continually monitors the amplitude of incoming audio and makes gradual adjustments to ensure that the overall content complies with a pre-defined target loudness.

KARMAudioAU is a plug-in for the Apple Mac OS X platform, designed to perform offline scaling of a programme file to match audio loudness to a target LKFS level. Uniform scaling is applied to match the content with a pre-defined target loudness without affecting overall audio dynamic range.

Visit stand 8.D92; www.eyeheight.com

I-Movix slows down the action

At IBC, I-Movix will demonstrate SprintCam Vvs HD, a new ultra-slow-motion system for live HD broadcast production. SprintCam Vvs HD operates at frame rates up to 2,700 fps in 1080i50 or up to 5,800 fps in 720p60 and provides instant replay at native HD resolution and image quality. SprintCam Vvs HD is also optimised for shoulder-mounted portable shooting.

The SprintCam Vvs HD system includes the camera; an operational control panel; a  slow-motion remote; and the camera control unit  Also on show is the new version of the SprintCam V3 HD, with enhanced functionality including image capture at frame rates of between 150 to 2000 fps and instant replay in 1080i. Other new features include segmented memory; flexible EVS multicam integration; auto-clip; and a digital lens interface for better iris and lens switch control.

Stand 10 D29; www.i-movix.com

Front Porch Digital manages media content

Front Porch Digital specialises in the migration and management of media content, including the transfer of content from tape to digital storage systems.

V6.3 of Front Porch Digital’s DIVArchive content storage management (CSM) enhances integration with third party tools such as Avid Interplay, Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Server.

New DIVArchive features include multi-resolution object support, sub-clip partial restore, best-effort restore, advanced Avid asset search within the DIVArchive user interface, and full Unicode asset support.

Another new feature is full Unicode support for storage plan manager, the component that automatically manages the content lifecycle based on configurable business rules and policies.

Also on show at IBC is V4.1 of DIVAdirector, a media asset management (MAM) system that enables operators, using their Web browsers, to search, locate, and retrieve stored media assets directly from their desktops.

V4.1 adds a revamped browser interface; support for identification and retrieval of clips with noncontiguous timecode; partial-restore format auto detection to further simplify user interaction with the complex format/wrapper challenges handled by DIVArchive; and management of remote proxies without the need for their replication specifically for DIVAdirector.

Visit Stand 7 B15; www.fpdigital.com

Jünger processes audio

Dynamics processing specialist Jünger Audio will be showing the T*AP TV Audio Processor at this year’s IBC. The device, which is primarily designed for TV playout facilities, will provide loudness control, upmix and surround sound processing for up to eight channels of audio.

The wide band 8 channel processor (8x1, 4x2, or 6+2) focuses on automatic and adaptive loudness control using Jünger Audio’s Level Magic algorithm (ITU compliant). Optional Dolby decoding and encoding (D, D+, or Pulse), as well as metadata management, are also provided along with 5.1 Downmix and Jünger Audio’s 5.1 UPMIX circuit, which has been upgraded to deliver greatly improved performance and a range of new settings.

The new processor is capable of handling digital inputs (AES) and, through interface slots, all other usual audio formats including all SDI versions (SD, HD, 3G. It is controllable through front panel and Web based GUI, plus remote control, and GPI – and it comes with a redundant power supply as standard.

Visit Stand 2:C49; www.junger-audio.com

Miranda goes Stereoscopic 3D at IBC

Miranda Technologies will be highlighting multiple 3DTV products at the IBC show, along with its loudness control systems.

The stereoscopic 3D product range includes signal processors, multi-viewers and channel branding systems. The Densite 3DX-3901 stereoscopic 3D signal processor provides conversion of multiple 3D formats, including dual 1.5Gbps, dual 3Gbps, single 3Gbps, and single 1.5Gbps, with side-by-side encoding and Sensio side-by-side encoding. All Kaleido multi-viewers can provide monitoring of Stereoscopic 3D signals, with support for dual 1.5Gbps and single 3Gbps signals.

The Imagestore 750 stereoscopic 3D channel branding processor offers a variable ‘Z-plane’ for graphics depth control to optimise viewing, and this function can be controlled by automation or manually.

Miranda’s automatic loudness control solutions prevent excessive audio jumps between programs and commercials, and between channels.

Visit Stand 8 B80; www.miranda.com

Netia gains more control

Netia will highlight its upgraded suite of media asset management solutions at IBC. NETIA Content Management System allows users to connect their partners and vendors, simplifying the sharing and managing of media assets.

Through a new Web-based interface, built on Microsoft Silverlight technology, users can manage all of the processes within the production environment — from editing through post and distribution. Also on display will be Radio-Assist 8 (pictured), a range of digital audio automation software, with two new modules: CamDirector and NETIA Workflow Engine. CamDirector brings direct camera control and automated video switching to the Radio-Assist 8 suite. Workflow Engine is a new workflow management system.

Visit Stand 1-A29; www.netia.com

Polecam launches HRO 69 c-mount lens

A major new addition to the Polecam product range will be introduced at IBC 2010. The HRO 69 (High Resolution Optics) is a 3.5 mm lens designed specifically for use with latest-generation 1/3 inch miniature 3-CCD HD cameras.

According to the company, it produces higher resolution images than any comparable model and delivers something that HD broadcast and film markets clearly need. The HRO 69 is compatible with cameras such as the Toshiba IK-HD1, Iconix RH1, Panasonic GP-US932 and Ikegami MKC300.

Polecam’s HRO 69 C-mount lens has 3.5 mm focal length, a 69 degree horizontal angle of view and F2.2 to F16 aperture range. Features include back focus, a special bump cover to protect the lens front, and a 40.5mm filter thread adapter option.

Stainless steel locking screws for aperture and focus adjustment are provided plus spare lens caps. The weight of the lens is 159 grammes, length is 50 mm and diameter (without filter adapter) is 37 mm.

Visit Stand 10 C49

Ross Video updates products

At IBC, Ross Video will add an optional internal multiviewer to Vision Octane, its high end production switcher. This multi-head multiviewer has access to all internal and external sources. Source labels with transparency, full program and preview tallies, and user selectable source assignments make this a cost effective solution for production control rooms.

The entire Vision Series ships with a new 3G infrastructure as a standard feature. Stereoscopic 3D capabilities and comprehensive iMag MultiScreen support will also be shown.

IBC 2010 will see the release of v3.1 software for CrossOver production switchers pictured). This will add new features such as robotic camera control and video server control.

The show also sees the launch of v9.1 software for OverDrive, a leader in automated production control. Version 9.1 extends the new GlobalView GUI with features such as NKeyer support, NRCS CG timer support and many new MOS device interfaces.

Ross Video will showcase v3.0 of the XPression 3D HD Character Generator (pictured) at IBC 2010. Key features in v3.0 include enhanced MOS workflow integration with Newsroom Systems; stereoscopic template creation and output rendering for 3D productions; and automatic centre cut SD outputs for HD templates.

Stand 10.A31; www.rossvideo.com

NTP Technology launches audio converter

NTP Technology has chosen IBC 2010 as the international launch venue for the DAD AX24 192 PHD, the latest version of the AX24 eight-channel AD/DA audio converter. The key new feature of the NTP DAD AX24 192 PHD is an interface connecting directly to Avid Pro Tools digital audio workstations.

It supporting sampling rates of 44.1 up to 192 kHz and comes with an optional high-quality microphone preamplifier. The product is available with eight analogue input or eight analogue output channels, or both. DAD AX24 192 PHD is operated via the DADman control application, which runs on OS X and Windows, and is capable of handling 128 channels.

It offers A/D and D/A conversion in PCM at up to 384 kHz sampling rate, DSD at 64 frame/s or 128 frame/s and 352.8 kHz DXD. The optional microphone preamplifier incorporates analogue gain in 3 dB steps as well as digital gain with 0.25 dB precision. Dynamic range is between 118 and 121 dB and the preamp equivalent noise floor is -130 dB.

Visit Stand 8.B51; www.ntp.dk

SADiE uncoupled from proprietary hardware

Prism Sound and SADiE will be attending IBC with a range of products aimed at the professional broadcast and post production markets. The main focus from SADiE is the company’s new SADiE 6 software, which can now run without proprietary hardware on any Windows PC with ASIO-compatible audio hardware.

The new products are application based and are focusing on the core SADiE expertise of radio production, TV/film post, mastering, archiving & restoration, and high-level sound design. 

Prism Sound will also be showing the SADiE LRX2 multitrack location recording workstation, which is used by production companies and film crews that need to record multi-track audio for reality television programmes. Prism Sound’s audio test and measurement division will be showing the dScope Series III, an audio analysis platform. ThedScope Series III family includes two new analogue-only versions that are aimed at engineers and production line managers who are currently only concerned with audio analysis in the analogue domain. Also on show will be PrismSound’s DSA-1, a portable digital audio interface analyser.

Visit Stands 8 E96 and E98; www.sadie.com or www.prismsound.com

Sencore delivers video

At IBC, Sencore will highlight five products that support video delivery and cost-effective operations: the SMD 989 DVB-S2 modulator; the TXS 3453 transcoder; the MRD3187B receiver decoder, the aG-1826 IP de-encapsulator card, and the IRD3000 integrated receiver decoder.

Sencore says the products combine the latest technology with thoughtful design to ensure cost-effective signal processing, test and measurement, and video delivery.

The new SMD 989 DVB-S2 (pictured) supports the modulation of two independent DVB-S2 RF transmissions. It accepts transport streams via DVB-ASI or IP inputs using the UDP or RTP protocols and features an optional L-band upconverter with an output frequency range of 950 to 2150 MHz. TXS 3453 is a transcoding platform delivering multiple channels of transcoding in a high-density 1RU chassis. A configurable engine and multi-channel architecture allow users to perform both SD and HD transcoding and transrating.

Features include bidirectional video transcoding from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4/H.264 and/or H.264 to MPEG-2 in HD or SD formats, as well as ASI and IP transport stream and optional RF interfaces.

Visit Stand 1 C11; www.sencore.com

Signiant manages supply chains

Signiant will demonstrate its three new content distribution management products for the first time in Europe at IBC. Situated in the IPTV Zone in Hall 9, Signiant will present a range of solutions available at a range of price points.
The new tools -- Content Transporter, Content Point and Content Transfer Engine -- are aimed at small to medium sized organisations. The products are aimed at customers that may not be ready for an end-to-end solution, but need to move content quickly, securely and cost-effectively across the WAN to internal or external partners.

Stand 9 IP 731; www.signiant.com

Omneon speeds up production workflows

At IBC, Omneon will demonstrate its storage, processing, and distribution infrastructure. At its stand, an Omneon MediaGrid active storage system will be integrated with a high-performance production server to enable fast access to incoming media used in live and near-live broadcast production.

Omneon will demonstrate how a single, shared storage resource can be the basis for a production environment, simultaneously supporting production tools from Adobe, Apple, Avid and EVS. The Omneon MediaGrid also will provide the processing power for Omneon ProXchange to repackage edited content for delivery to other media distribution outlets. Also on show is the Omneon Spectrum (pictured), which is pitched as a scalable, reliable and cost-effective video server platform for multichannel playout, news, sports highlights and studio production workflows.

Omneon will highlight new Spectrum media server components that expand the system's capability to support bandwidth-intensive broadcast environments.

Another product set to appear is Omneon ProXplore, a media clip and metadata management application for the Omneon platform. Omneon will also demonstrate its Media Applications Server (MAS), which is designed to help simplify file-based media workflows. Built on standard IT hardware, the Omneon MAS provides a middleware layer between media content stored on multiple systems and the applications that are used to access that content or process it.

Visit Stand 7 A10; www.omneon.com

Streambox introduces portable video transport solution at Exhibition

Streambox will this year introduce EMEA to Avenir, the newest member of the company’s family of portable video transport solutions. Avenir is Streambox’s first hardware-based encoder to offer both 3G/4G wireless network bonding for high-quality HD or SD in a fully portable form factor, enabling live or file-based video acquisition over low-data-rate networks.

The Streambox Avenir is also the first battery operated mobile encoder designed for a reporter to file HD/SD live and file-based video content over a variety of IP networks, which allows broadcasters to replace traditional SNG/DNG systems. The Avenir uses Streambox’s ‘ ACT-L3’ codec to capture and encode high-quality HD content in 1080i or 720p format, at data rates up to 20 Mbps, and SD content in NTSC or PAL from 64 Kbps to 8 Mbps.

Streambox’s ACT-L3 software encoder now also supports HD-SDI video streaming via Apple Mac OS X platforms. The hybrid SD/HD solution enables field news teams using Mac laptops to gather, edit, and stream live or file-based HD-SDI video over IP networks from remote locations. The Streambox encoder is capable of encoding 1080i HD video at up to 6 Mbps, depending on the Mac’s processing power.

Visit Stand 7 J49; www.streambox.com

Sonnet meets industry’s storage needs

Sonnet Technologies will showcase products that cater to the broadcast industry’s storage needs. Qio is a universal media reader/writer. It features dual P2, SxS, and CompactFlash slots and can transfer data from two cards concurrently.

An included adapter handles SDHC cards. Qio moves files between any cards, attached drives, or host computer with aggregate bandwidth up to 200 MB/sec.

For quick migration of data, Qio integrates a four-port eSATA controller based on Sonnet's Tempo SATA E4P card, enabling users to connect two Sonnet Fusion F2 portable storage systems, or up to four eSATA drive enclosures for access to as many as 20 SATA drives.The Fusion RX1600Fibre, available in 16TB or 32TB configurations, can provide direct access to assets for up to four users without a dedicated server or an added fibre switch. Employing a four-port 8Gb fibre channel interface, the Fusion RX1600Fibre delivers aggregate bandwidth of up to 1000 MB/sec read. RAID 5 and RAID 6 format support, SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) 2.0 compliance and enhanced SMART data reporting increase the system’s reliability.

Also on show are the Fusion RX1600RAID SATA Storage System, suitable for work with uncompressed HD video up to 2K resolution; Fusion DX800RAID SATA Storage System for working with uncompressed 10-bit 1080 HD video streams; and Fusion D400QR5 and R400QR5 SATA Storage Systems.

Visit Stand 7 G03; www.sonnettech.com

Thomson Grass Valley joins the Elite

Amongst the products on show from Thomson Grass Valley is the Elite 1000 GreenPower transmitter line. It offers output power of up to 9.6 kW DVB per unit with an energy consumption saving of up to 15% over the previous Elite transmitter series.

The DVB-T2 Exciter is for analogue broadcasters switching directly to DVB-T2, or for digital providers wanting to upgrade to DVB-T2 for greater bandwidth efficiency. DRM+ Band III is a solution for DRM radio transmission in Band III, including a program content management system, the DRM+ modulator, and an RF amplifier for the chosen frequency band. The system incorporates Thomson's GreenPower technology for energy efficiency and modulation technology.

The DRM Content Server (pictured) is an integrated, all-in-one content server and transmission control system for DRM radio transmission, complete with the Diveemo application for managing the transmission of extra non-audio content.

The company will also exhibit its ViBE video compression range.

Visit Stand 1 D11; www.thomsongrassvalley.com

TV One unveils monitors

TV One will show their full range of LCD monitors at IBC 2010. The monitors are available in a wide variety of screen sizes and configurations to satisfy a range of applications in the broadcast and professional market. Featuring prominently are TV One’s newest professional grade LCD Triple and Quad Colour Monitors.

Both monitors are high performance, high definition, multi-format, colour LCD displays. The LM-404HD monitor provides four 4.3” 16x9 displays and the LM-503HD monitor provides three 5” 16x9 displays. Inputs on both products include SDI (either SD or HD) with an active loop through, analog RGBHV, YPbPr component video, a composite video and a YC (S-video) input.

Also showing at IBC is the LM-702HD, a multi-format dual 7-inch rackmount HD colour monitor with a tilting rackmount kit for installation into a standard 19-inch rack. It can accommodate various video signal formats including SD/HD-SDI (with an active output), analog RGBHV, YPbPr component video, composite video and s-video.

The LM-1750HD, a HDTV 17-inch colour monitor, will also be on display on the TV One Stand throughout the trade show. This multi-format LCD monitor has a tilting rackmount kit and six inputs that can accommodate SD/HD-SDI (with an active output), HDMI, analog RGBHV, YUV or YPbPr component video, composite video and s-video. Stereo Audio monitoring is also available using the five stereo inputs and dual internal speakers, driven by a 3-watt amplifier.

All HD monitors from TV One support and automatically detect PAL and NTSC television standards, and have front panel Tally LEDs.

Other LCDs being displayed on the TV One stand include a dual 10.4-inch colour Multimedia monitor, a triple colour monitor with three 5.6-inch displays and a quad colour monitor with four 4-inch displays. All of these are housed in standard 19-inch rackmount kits.

Visit TV One at Stand 7 C27

Vinten launches heads for every need

Vinten, a Vitec Group brand, is launching two new camera heads at IBC2010 in response to user demand.

The new Vector 750i is designed to deliver great precision for virtual and augmented reality in outside broadcast and studio applications. The new Vector 430 is a compact head with wide payload range, meeting the needs of production companies working with multiple camera set-ups.

Developed in collaboration with customers, including Telegenic in the UK and Sport Vision in the US, the Vector 750i is the first encoded pantographic head from Vinten. It incorporates a new module allowing semi automatic set-up, slide plate tracking and kinematic compensation, which help ensure stable and precise placement of virtual graphics into the live environment. The new Vector 430 pan and tilt head has a lightweight design that should make it straightforward to rig, convenient to transport and suited to studio and outside broadcast operations. Vinten has given the head a payload capacity of 10kg to 43kg, making it capable of balancing any camera from a lightweight EFP system up to a mini-box lens set-up.
Visit Stand 11.F60; www.vitecgroup.com

Vizrt introduces Viz Sports Online

Sports broadcasters looking to create arresting web sites can turn to Viz Sports Online. Viz Sports Online is a modular suite of preconfigured Vizrt tools, providing users with control over the look and feel of web page layouts, image versions and sizes, and overall site structure.

With Viz Sports Online, all video, graphics, text, images, maps, statistics and web publishing tools are available from within a single, drag and drop interface. Templates let users produce dynamic, branded graphics, maps and web pages that they can fill on the fly with text, images, headers and titles. Viz Sports Online also offers a full video repository with video editing, video playlists, picture-in-picture, and video ad integration capabilities.

The software is also designed to simplify the process of delivering multimedia content, with support for thousands of different handheld devices. Automatic multimedia conversion enables streaming of video in many native mobile formats, as well as special features and swipe-controlled image galleries that Apple iPhone, iPad and other advanced handheld devices use.

Viz Sports Online-created websites can also let the audience contribute with their own blogs, comments, and personalised user profile pages. Interactivity is increased by realtime user activity updates; the integration of RSS and Twitter feeds; and realtime sports statistics provided by stats.com.

Visit Stand 2 B10; www.vizrt.com

Volicon expands Observer product LINE

Volicon will give IBC visitors an idea of how it plans to expand its Observer product family. The company’s stated aim is to address the full range of broadcast workflows and budgets.

Observer Professional is designed for budget-conscious television stations that require simplified workflows for media monitoring. It includes a streamlined Mac and PC interface designed to enable quick and easy scheduling, recording and searching.

Observer Enterprise offers enhanced search capabilities, including new auto-complete technology designed to help find closed-caption text faster than before. It supports Volicon's optional Content Matching and Producer Modules for audio fingerprinting and content repurposing workflows.

Observer RPM Version 5.5 addresses the management of large installations with the new Element Management Services (EMS) module, which enables centralised configuration and alert management of multiple probes in a large operation. RPM 5.5 includes enhancements to the Interactive Services Module (ISM), which enables users to test on-demand or interactive services using pattern matching, advanced decision-making, and improved quality-of-experience detectors. Observer Scout is a single-rack-unit, single-channel appliance for customers seeking a cost-effective means of performing quality checks at A/V service handoffs.
Visit Stand 7.G30; www.volicon.com

Snell attacks on multiple fronts

Snell plans to highlight its enterprise control, configuration, monitoring, production switching, restoration and routing solutions at IBC.

A significant launch for Snell will be Centra. Through integration with Snell and leading third-party products, Centra is designed to bring improved centralised configuration and control to all areas of content preparation, infrastructure management, studio and OB productions.

Snell will also introduce the Sirius 830, the latest in the company's Sirius 800 series of large-scale, multi-format expandable routers. Snell will unveil enhanced audio monitoring capabilities for its recently launched MV-Series of multiviewers. The MV-Series offers solutions for displaying multiple images on a single or dual video display device.

The latest versions of Morpheus and Snell's 'Station in a Box' ICE will be featured at the show. Morpheus version 2 has over 100 new features, including support for virtual machine environments, reducing system complexity, power requirements, and adding additional hardware resilience.

For restoration, Snell will showcase Archangel Ph.C – HD (pictured), an SD and HD restoration system with real-time dirt, dust, grain, noise, scratch, instability, and flicker removal.
Visit Stand 8 B60

Media server delivers wow

Wowza Media Server 2, on show at IBC, is a Java engine that can deliver content from a single set of live or on-demand H.264 video or AAC/MP3 audio streams to multiple clients and devices. This eliminates the need for specialised, client-specific encoders.

Dubbed the industry’s first unified media server, it can deliver content to any player or device, including Flash, Silverlight, QuickTime, and IPTV set-top boxes, as well as devices like Android and Blackberry phones, and Apple iPhones and iPads.
Wowza will showcase the product's expanded suite of HTTP video and audio streaming, including support for streaming

to Flash Player 10.1-equipped devices. This complements the server's support for other HTTP streaming formats, including Apple HTTP Live Streaming for iPhones, iPads and iPods; Safari 4.0+ for Snow Leopard; QuickTime 10.0+ players; as well as Microsoft Silverlight Smooth Streaming.
Stand 9 IP 321; www.wowzamedia.com

Wohler demonstrates audio monitoring

Wohler will treat IBC to a demonstration of products for audio monitoring in digital and HD broadcast environments.

The AMP2-16V modular audio/video processing monitor is a new dual 4.3-inch OLED version of the company’s AMP2-16 Series modular audio monitor. According to the company, dedicated video monitoring, loudness metering and control, audio mixing and routing, and Dolby Zoom functions make the AMP2-16V one of the most comprehensive 3G/HD/SD-SDI audio/video monitors available.

The system allows simultaneous colour and scale adjustable metering of up to 16 channels of audio from a choice of input and output cards including 3G/HD/SD-SDI, AES, and analogue. With the new version, front-panel hotkeys can be assigned to not only solo or mute groups of channels and recall system-wide presets, but also to activate Dolby Zoom on a target source or instantly apply a saved mix setup.

Additionally, Wohler will showcase the first releases in its new Rockridge video monitor line with 3G/HD/SD-SDI support and MPEG-4 decoding capability. Features include in-picture level metering, waveform, and vectorscope display.

Multiscreen models allow operators to view either four separate images or a mix of images and monitoring tools such as waveform, vectorscope, or the PID table. Connectivity options for the new monitor line include 3G, SDI, component, composite, DVI and GPI inputs.
Visit Stand 8 D56; www.wohler.com

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