Alphatron introduces 3D camera to the region

3D-One's CP31 integrates two lenses into a single unit.
The CP31 costs just over US $50,000 for the fully-featured version.
The CP31 costs just over US $50,000 for the fully-featured version.


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Alphatron will introduce 3D-One’s CP31 3D camera to the region after next week’s IBC.

The CP31 is an ‘all in one’ 3D camera that combines two lenses into a single system.

This compares with the currently more common method of placing two cameras side by side, usually on a rig.

“In comparison with the combinations of two cameras such as a rig, the integrated 3D camera requires no assembly and alignment; can be used more efficiently and in more challenging environments; allows zoom, focus and convergence in good synchronisation; and provides perfect frame synchronisation between the two cameras,” John Raadgeep, managing director of Alphatron, told

The camera will cost Euros 39,800 (US $51,000) for the fully-featured version.

In terms of features, the 3D-One CP31 has a stereoscopic viewfinder that allows for 3D preview on the camera itself during recording. It records on a hard disk or solid state disk with low compression. The camera has two 1/2.5" progressive CMOS detectors and 18x optical zoom.

“Without any further processing, the material can be used for commercials and shorts, but with proper post processing the 3D material can be used for longer features,” said Raadgeep.

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