IBC exhibitor previews

    A look at what key companies will have on show at IBC 2010.
    Polecam will exhibit Theia's MY125M ultra-wide-angle effects lens at IBC.
    Polecam will exhibit Theia's MY125M ultra-wide-angle effects lens at IBC.
    IBC 2010 sees the launch of Gekko's new kezia 200F white-optimised spot lamp.
    IBC 2010 sees the launch of Gekko's new kezia 200F white-optimised spot lamp.
    Marvin is an automated backup system in a box.
    Marvin is an automated backup system in a box.
    Quantel will show an improved asset management system and V5 of its post production software.
    Quantel will show an improved asset management system and V5 of its post production software.
    IBC 2010 marks the launch of Sony's 'Creatology Tour'.
    IBC 2010 marks the launch of Sony's 'Creatology Tour'.


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    The world’s biggest trade show for the broadcasting industry is upon us again. The IBC Conference kicks off at RAI Amsterdam on September 9, with the IBC Exhibition starting a day later. Digitalproductionme.com takes a look at what key companies will have on offer at the show.

    Autocue enters new territory

    Autocue will showcase its first ever broadcast monitors and video servers at IBC 2010. There will be four Grade 2 broadcast monitors in the new range, all suitable for both production and post-production environments.

    The products will have a competitive feature set but be cheaper on price, according to a statement. The first sizes available will be the 24” and 42” monitors with the 17” and 32” arriving later this year.

    Also being showcased at IBC are Autocue’s first three standalone, Linux-based video servers. The servers feature up to four bi-directional HD/ SD channels for simultaneous record and playout, and up to 12TB of storage.

    The introduction of these new products forms part of a new strategy by Autocue to extend its reach within the broadcast sector.

    Stand 11 F50


    Broadcast Pix polishes up its Granite

    Broadcast Pix will unveil a 50Hz version of Granite, its new native HD live video production system. Granite combines a new HD switcher with a new HD server running the company’s Fluent workflow software.

    The Granite Switcher provides simultaneous multi-definition SDI I/O for 1080i/50, 720p/50, and 576i/50 sources – and is upgradable to 1080p.

    It offers 11 HD/SD-SDI video inputs (expandable to 22), plus the equivalent of 14 more inputs from the server via its PCI Express connection. Each SDI input automatically detects and sets its format to 1080i, 720p or SD. Inputs can handle 16:9 and 4:3 content without stretching images.

    The Granite Server supports up to 2 TB of storage in a RAID 10 array. In addition to Fluent workflow software, it includes a new Harris Inscriber GS CG.

    Stand 7 C21


    Cobalt Digital introduces Fusion3G

    Cobalt Digital will launch its new range of 3 Gigabit-capable Fusion3G cards for openGear at IBC.

    Fusion3G cards are multi-functional cards that address challenges such as loudness processing , audio loudness metering, colour correction, and up/down/cross conversion. Inputs and outputs include analogue video and audio, HD/SD-SDI video & audio and fibre.

    Stand 8.A94


    Gekko launches lighting systems

    Gekko Technology has chosen IBC 2010 as the venue for the international launch of its new kezia 200F white-optimised spot lamp.

    The kezia 200F is optimised for use in film production or studio broadcasts. It allows adjustment between 2900 and 6500 degrees Kelvin, including presets for selection of 2900, 3200, 4300, 5600 and 6500K via DMX or an optional rear panel. A built-in colour-feedback system ensures colour temperature remains constant when the light is dimmed, as ambient conditions change or as the unit ages.

    Stand 11.F40


    Hamlet addresses new price point

    Hamlet will boost its test and measurement range at IBC2010 with the launch of DigiScope DS900, a quality control instrument for production and master control environments. The new DS900 brings high precision digital video measurement at a new price point, according to Hamlet.

    The DS900 is supplied in a half rack width, 1U, shallow cabinet. Inside, it is based on the Hamlet bespoke digital modular test and measurement platform, with space for four internal input modules and a generator module.

    It is designed for 3G processing and measurement from the ground up, and modules are available for all common analogue and digital standards. Measurements available include the eye pattern for an at-a-glance check on the security of a digital circuit.

    Stand 10 A24


    IPharro offers indexing and monitoring systems

    At IBC, iPharro will showcase iPharro MediaSeeker Core Platform 3.0, a video indexing and identification engine that helps businesses implement effective content identification and tracking strategies within any existing media-centric workflow.

    According to iPharro, MediaSeeker Core Platform 3.0 is an ideal solution for the full range of search applications, including archive versioning; content future-proofing; media redundancy prevention (MRP) and broadcast monitoring.

    Its Difference Detection feature detects and highlights differences between query video and reference content. It is video forma, and distribution platform neutral.

    Another iPharro solution, Media TV Content Monitoring (TVCM) System, identifies content across an unlimited number of TV channels. It can monitor any television source, including terrestrial, over-the-air, satellite, cable and mobile TV broadcasts.

    Stand 8 A11


    Linear Acoustic controls TV audio

    Linear Acoustic’s AERO.air is an all-in-one processor designed to accept any Dolby-encoded or PCM audio, provide upmixing and loudness control, and to output both PCM and Dolby-encoded audio for transmission.

    Additionally, Linear Acoustic will offer the AERO.mobile audio loudness manager for mobile DTV. The product employs newly developed psychoacoustic processing that enables content to remain audible in noisy environments on small mobile devices.

    Stand 8 D29


    Marvin automates workflow

    Marvin Technologies will unveil Marvin, a system that can automate backups, LTO tape masters, QuickTime proxies for offline editing and DVD dailies. The Marvin hardware features six or 12TB of RAID5 storage and a core i7 processor.
    Two built-in LTO tape drives and a DVD burner are included. Connection is via multiple CF card slots, e-Sata, Firewire 400/800 or UB, with custom ports (SxS, Fibrechannel) available on request.

    When removable media from a camera is attached to the system, Marvin automatically creates verified copies of every shot to its own internal RAID5 storage array. Marvin generates multiple LTO copies of all of the shots from the day, along with DVD dailies and QuickTime files for offline editing.

    MARVIN supports the RED One camera, the Silicon Imaging SI-2K, ARRI D21/Alexa, Panasonic P2 and high-speed cameras such as the Vision Research Phantom and Weisscam HS-2.

    Stand 13 A38


    Pilat Media helps manage content

    Pilat Media has introduced Advanced Content Rights Management System based on IBMS. With it, users can record contractual terms and assign rights to centrally log and manage the consumption and distribution terms for all acquired or produced content. An application programming interface (API) enables integration with third-party systems.

    Complementing it is IBMS:OnTarget, an advertising campaign management add-on module to IBMS. This offers the ability to sell and insert advertising and other promotional messages in on-demand content.

    Stand 3 C46


    Polecam takes a wide view

    Polecam will bring Theia’s MY125M ultra-wide-angle effects lens to market at IBC. The MY125M is said to highly effective in sports coverage; for example, it can capture an entire goalmouth without visible barrel distortion.

    The lens is designed for use with 1/3 inch single-CCD or CMOS cameras of up to 5MP resolution. The C-mounting MY125M captures a 125 degree horizontal field of view and 10 cm to infinity focal depth. Aperture is manually adjustable between F1.8 and fully closed.

    Stand 10 C49


    Quantel demonstrates product range

    Quantel will demonstrate its plethora of broadcast solutions at IBC. For broadcast news & sports, it will be demonstrating HD workflows designed to make financial and production sense. Mission 2.0, the company’s asset management system, will be on show with various new capabilities.

    For high-end post production, it will show off new V5 software, which includes new features such as realtime colour, soft-mount RED and DPX and stereoscopic 3D features and tools.

    Stand 7 A20


    SAN Solutions meets storage needs

    SAN Solutions will showcase the company’s new ArtiSAN Storage Platform, which is designed for small workgroup media production environments.

    It is available in a 2RU, 24-slot configuration — 24TB capacity — as well as a 3RU, 16-slot configuration for 32TB capacity.

    All RAID formats are supported, including RAID5 and RAID6. The ArtiSAN Storage Platform offers features such as 8 x 8Gb Fibre Channel host ports, global hot-sparing, dual redundant power supplies and automatic call-home break-fix repair.

    Stand 13.C31


    SGL manages and archives content

    Software Generation Ltd (SGL) will demonstrate its content archive and storage management software solutions at IBC.

    A worldwide debut will be given the new Final Cut Server (FCS) interface for FlashNet, SGL’s content management solution. This allows allow users to copy content directly to and from an archive on an online shared storage system. The copy process works for both archive and restore.

    Support for Avid Interplay 2.2 will also be demonstrated. SGL claoms that FlashNet is still the only third-party archive management software that has been through the full Avid development and QA cycle and is available directly from Avid worldwide.

    Stand 8 A25


    Sony kicks off ‘Creatology’ Tour

    Sony Professional has announced that its Creatology Tour, the follow-up to the Power of Image events programme, will commence at IBC 2010. According to Sony, the tour is designed to open, ‘visitors’ eyes to the creative possibilities available to them using Sony products and solutions’.

    Inspiration will be provided through demonstrations of audiovisual content and the capabilities of Sony’s technology will be illustrated through hands on product demonstrations. Sony’ stand will feature three specific areas that bring different perspectives on Sony’s products and solutions.

    The Technology Zone will focus on 3D, high definition and the latest media backbone solutions architecture. Visitors to the zone will be able to see products such as the PMW-320 and the PVM-740 OLED monitor.

    The Creativity Space will showcase content from Sony customers working in both HD and 3D production environments. Live 3D events such as concerts and sports games will feature prominently.

    The Dealer Village is dedicated to hands-on demonstrations. Independent certified experts (ICEs) will be on the stand alongside Sony staff to answer questions and offer advice.

    3D will, inevitably, be one of Sony’s key focus areas this year. The company claims it is the only one able to deliver an end-to-end 3D live production platform.

    Stand 12 A10


    Skyline enhances network management

    DataMiner 6.5 is the latest major update to Skyline’s DataMiner Network Management System platform and will be demonstrated for the first time at IBC2010.

    The release includes features designed to help operators manage networks of multi-vendor technologies more efficiently. Updates include the new DataMiner Cube UI, the latest version of the DataMiner CPE Manager and a new version of DataMiner’s service management technology.

    The DataMiner Cube UI features user-definable drag & drop capabilities and realtime and historical graphing. DataMiner CPE Manager delivers detailed information on the elements that can impact a network's performance.

    Stand 1 C33


    Vinten stabilises smaller cameras

    Vinten, a Vitec Group brand and provider of camera supports, will launch the Vision Blue at IBC. The product has been designed to provide high performance support for camcorders and DSLRs equipped for video.

    According to Vinten, filmmakers are increasingly using lightweight cameras, but need a high performance support to achieve the best rules. Vision Blue is designed to deliver the stability provided by Vinten’s current Vision line.

    Peter Harman, Vinten product manager, says: “Up until now there has been a gap in the market for a broadcast quality tripod system that can genuinely balance the smaller, lightly accessorised camcorders that are so common today, without any compromise on creativity.”

    Stand 11 F60

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