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With new nightclubs springing up across the Middle East at an astonishing rate, demand for innovative club lighting and effects technologies is booming. S&S takes a look at some of the latest products to hit the market from the lighting industry's leading manufacturers.


Robe claims its new ColorWash 2500E AT moving light fixture is its most powerful wash unit released to date.

The fixture is fitted with Philips' MSR Gold 1200 FastFit lamp and a 1400w electronic ballast for flicker-free operation, enhanced by a unique optical system that features a high luminous glass reflector designed to maximise brightness.


The colour facility includes both CMY and CTO colour mixing systems and two colour wheels, each with six 'slot+lock' colour options as well as 63 colour macros.

Each colour wheel rotates at variable speeds in both directions. There's an option for 'random colour' selection via audio input, or for straightforward 'auto random' colour selection.

The dimmer/shutter unit encompasses the full range of dimming and also produces a highly effective variable-speed strobe effect of 1- 12 FPS. Variable 'random pulse' effects can be activated via pre-programmable macros.

The unit's standard zoom range is seven to 44 degrees. A front-fitting PC lens option provides a six to 35 degree zoom, while a front-fitting wide-angle lens offers a 75 to 87 degree range. The combination of these options make the ColorWash 2500E AT one of the most dynamic fixtures in Robe's inventory. The unit is controlled via Robe's Navigation System (RNS) which features a graphic LCD display, while DMX operation offers the choice of five DMX protocol modes, utilising 17, 21, 23, 24 or 30 control channels.

In addition to standard DMX control, the fixture fully supports remote device management (RDM) operation, with no additional software required.

The CW 2500E AT has an Ethernet port, supports ArtNet and ACN protocols, and can also operate in 'stand alone' mode.


Robe introduced a range of products suitable for nightclub applications at PLASA07, including the MediaHub 5000 DT graphics engine, which supports video formats such as MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 and image formats PNG, TGA, JPG and BMP.

The graphics engine provides all the features of the DigitalSpot 5000 DT including two digital gobo layers with selection of up to 244 x 255 video clips or images per layer; two independent effects channels on each gobo layer with 120 effects, individual X and Y positioning; CMY colour mixing; digital iris and digital framing shutters; adjustable playback speed, and picture merging features. Supported hardware includes an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 320GB hard disk, 1024MB memory, super-fast Leadtek WinFast PX 8800 GTX graphics card and an MSI 945 GM3 motherboard. Simple manual control is provided through the combination of a five-inch TFT LCD display and Robe's intuitive navigation system.

The company also showcased the latest version of its DigitalSpot 5000DT, which includes Robe's 'Picture Merging' technology, digital keystoning, a CMY colour mixing system + CTF colour correction filter effect. It also boasts strobe effect capabilities, mechanical iris, zoom and focus, digital iris and digital framing shutters.

Middle East HQ: Robe Middle East (Beirut, Lebanon).


One of the stage and event lighting industry's biggest names, Clay Paky has increasingly turned its attention to the nightclub lighting sector in recent years.

The company has introduced three new compact Alpha Series moving body projectors to the market in recent months in spot, effect and wash configurations.

Each 300-watt model features Philips' MSR Gold 300 FastFit lamps and a range of other features as standard. The Alpha Spot 300 boasts a 15- to 40-degree zoom range, CMY, 8+1 colour wheel, 15 gobos (eight fixed and seven rotating), a morphing effect, rotating prism, frost and a full dimmer on each dedicated channel.

The Alpha Wash 300 is a compact washlight with a brightness of 20,500 lux [12°] at 5m, boasting many features common to the Spot 300 fixture including the CMY system and 8+1 colour wheel. Two levels of frost are also included as is a 0-100% dimmer on each dedicated channel.

At last month's LDI exhibition staged in Florida, Clay Paky debuted the Alpha Beam 300, a 'hybrid' fixture capable of producing a concentrated, extra-bright beam of light. Effects include CMY, 8+1 colour wheel, eight gobos, linear frost, 0-100% dimmer and stop-strobe.

Middle East distributor: Clay Paky Dubai.


US manufacturer High End Systems (HES) has developed a solid reputation for its range of lighting fixtures suitable for live event and nightclub applications.

One of the company's most popular fixtures is the DL.2 Digital Light, which integrates a media server with a high output three-chip light engine, a highly sensitive HAD sensor camera and an infrared illumination system.

The DL.2 represents the first iteration of HES' third-generation of digital lighting products and boasts a range of features including an integrated Sony camera with Super HAD image sensor technology and infrared illuminator providing live video input and output from fixture location; support for customised content including 3D objects, media files and still images; DMX512 and Art-Net support; remote software upgrade capability; and RGBHV and S-Video connections, which accept a wide range of media device inputs.


A standard content management application running on a MAC or PC workstation or laptop computer provides users remote control of uploading and crossloading content, upgrading software and fixture configuration for multiple DL.2 fixtures on a localised network.

The luminaire's graphics engine provides for simultaneous playback of three discrete media streams on separate 2D/3D objects, while 30 object parameters provide graphic controls for each individual media stream including: a choice of multiple play modes and play speeds; the ability to define any segment of a video loop including scrub capability; variable opacity to allow for crossfading or dissolves between media streams; full control of image rotation, positioning and scaling on X,Y and Z axes.

HES also recently debuted a new software feature for the DL.2 known as the Collage Generator, which enables multiple DL.2 units to create seamless vertical, horizontal or central panoramic media projections controlled from a lighting console. Using multiple DL.2 fixtures allow users to increase effective screen luminance. HES claims that most panoramas can be set up during preproduction in under 25 minutes.

Middle East distributor: HES Africa & Middle East.


Best known for its architectural lighting and LED display products, Martin Professional also offers a range of lighting solutions including moving heads, LED luminaires and effects that are suitable for nightclub applications.

The Mania EF4 is the newest flower effect in Martin's Mania series of nightclub effects lighting. Designed for DJs, clubs, live performances and parties, it houses eight multi-coloured gobos, 18 beams of light, a manually selectable gobo wheel and manual focus capabilities.

The Mania SCX800 is Martin's newest Mania feature-packed scanner. Driven by 150 watts of discharge power, the SCX800 is a one-of-a-kind rollerscan effect with eight interchangeable and indexable gobos, four 'fat' beam projection and a continuously rotating mirror drum.

Martin recently expanded its range of moving heads with the addition of the smartMAC 150W moving head profile and Mac 575 Krypton. SmartMAC features include a unique fanless cooling system and compact design, while the Krypton combines efficient optics for brighter output with a host of gobos and colours.

Meanwhile, Martin's RGB Laser 1.6 boasts simple plug-and-play operation, hundreds of pre-installed effects and a self-contained cooling system.

The RGBL 1.6 is capable of fast and accurate galvos which Martin claims can pass through an amazing 40,000 positions a second, via a beam that is less than 3.5mm in width.

Users can add new images and graphics to the internal flash card via the supplied USB interface. The USB connection can also be used for real-time programming, editing and playout.

Martin claims the RGBL 1.6 boasts a lifespan in excess of 10,000 hrs of operation, which is more than twice that of its nearest competitor.

Middle East distributor:
Martin Professional Middle East.

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