Companies must invest in training

    Training is one of the most underrated issues in the Middle East production sector.
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    Training is one of the most underrated issues in the Middle East production sector. Very few companies set aside a portion of their annual profits to reinvest in their employees by providing training to upgrade their skills.

    Most merely pocket the profits or reinvest in new business. If a select few go for training programmes, they are usually not chosen on the basis of merit.

    Every employee contributes significantly to a company's success and, therefore, some capital must be invested to improve their skills so that they can contribute further to the growth of the firm. For now, the training culture neither exists among conventional firms nor among the self-proclaimed forward thinking organisations.

    Seeing the lack of interest and poor attendance at most such training programmes that have been held in the past, vendors and distributors have been reluctant to bring training programmes here.

    I recently went to a training programme that a distributor had organised to educate end users about some new products in the market. He'd dished out a fortune to rent a ballroom at a well known hotel and organised lunch and only distributors turned up at the event.

    This attitude must change if we are to move forward. CABSAT has taken the first steps in this direction by announcing the launch of a Knowledge Exchange programme this year.

    Although the inaugural programme will be held on a very small scale, it will be the first such initiative towards providing more value to show visitors. People won't just have networked and grabbed business cards; they will also have the opportunity to get acquainted with new technology and train on various systems.

    I urge more vendors and distributors to recognise the value of this opportunity and partner with CABSAT to launch workshops and training programmes that will improve the skills of Middle East broadcast and production professionals.

    I also encourage end-users take this opportunity to upgrade their skills. CABSAT is hoping that the fact that this programme is free of charge will encourage more professionals to attend such sessions of their own accord.

    In the meantime, companies in the Middle East need to realise the significance of training and invest more to ensure their employees are properly trained.

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